Marc Ching Cult Calls Out HSI

Marc Ching Summing up Karen Giffords attack on HSI

Karen Gifford The Hypocrite big mouth bass, botox overdosing mouthpiece for Marc Ching and his Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Runs her mouth and continually calls out Peter Li and the Humane Society International (HSI) for any missteps.

But amazingly that big tooth Amazon seems to grow awfully quiet when Marc Ching screws up. In the same EXACT way.

May 17 19:39

Karen Gifford starts her hatefest against Peter Li and HSI for the Dog Meat Ban. Because no one can read past a damn headline.

Karen Gifford writes

For those of you sending me messages asking “Is it true” don’t we wish? HSI posting that Yulin dog meat festival being banned is confusing. It starts with “BREAKING Milestone Victory in our campaign to end the dog meat trade” leading some of us to believe it’s over.

This was the HSI headline

BREAKING: Dog meat sales banned at China’s Yulin festival in milestone victory to end brutal mass slaughter of dogs

First, if you are going to use quotation marks at least get the quote right.  Amazingly Karen Giffords did the same thing she is railing against. Instead of writing an accurate headline she lied.

There is a HUGE difference in what she wrote and what HSI wrote.

HSI said Breaking: as in “This just came through.” or “This just happened.”

Since Karen can’t grasp what “Milestone” means. It means an event marking a significant change or stage in development. As in “Your baby just reached a great milestone today. He walked” It marks a point in the journey. It does not mean the journey is over. Why would you need a milestone if the journey is already over?

But Karen Gifford would never let facts get in the way of her fiction.

So she went with “Breaking Milestone Victory” Meaning “It just happened, WE WON” which she knew immediately was not true. Instead of telling the truth she used her made up BS to call HSI and Peter Li Liars.

Back to the HSI’s headline

  • In truth, Karen Giffords was technically right. The headline is 100% wrong, but that is why readers need to read the story.
  • Now saying she was right does not mean she’s REALLY RIGHT!
  • Not only does HSI write this type of attention-grabbing headline. The NY Times, Every Newspaper, CNN, FOX. MSNBC.  Hell, Rachel Maddow just had a “We have Trumps Tax Return” headline make the news. And we all know how accurate that was. Right?
  • You know who else does this attention-grabbing headline BS? MARC CHING and AHWF!

I am sure Karen Gibbons is screaming  “HOW DARE YOU!” while simultaneously pulling free, her now bunched up panties out of her boney ass crack.

But for her to claim I am wrong, would be awfully disingenuous of her.

At no time did HSI or Peter Li state “It’s Over.” The only true moron to say that was Lisa Vanderpump. Read our Vanderpimpin the Yulin dogs ain’t easy story to see how we responded to that idiot.

Honesty, Try It Sometime.

Maybe, just maybe if you want to call HSI and Peter Li out. You don’t do it while lying. I am sure a trait you learned from the master himself, Marc Ching.

In your little diatribe you wrote this:

Everyone’s contribution counts and I applaud everyone’s’ efforts but let’s be realistic and not easily swayed by catchy headlines from HSI. I put my trust in one person, Marc Ching.

He tells it like it is. He is our only real hope for change outside of Chinese activists within China. Please donate to his efforts if you have $ to donate to anyone because AHWF is tiny.

Really? Is this telling it like it is?

Marc Ching sent out a press release on January 18, 2017.  Marc Ching wrote The headline and it read.

History-Making Animal Activist Marc Ching Makes Unprecedented Deal With One of South Korea’s Largest and Oldest Dog Meat Markets to Close Local Slaughterhouses

In his own Social media posting, Marc Ching added.

I do not know how we did it, but we did. The owners and association that run one of the largest and oldest dog meat markets in South Korea, agree to close their slaughterhouses. 

Beyond the fact that he is so unbelievably conceited to call himself “History-Making Animal Activist Marc Ching” What was this historic agreement? A pinky promise?

As HSI did and as every other person on this planet Marc Ching embellished his title.  Marc Ching made you believe the market was closed.

It has been 6 months since “agree to close their slaughterhouses. How many have closed? ZERO!

Hell, they haven’t even gotten around to getting the city on board. Now the real truthful headline would have read

The owners and association that run one of the largest and oldest dog meat markets in South Korea, agree to start talks that hopefully leads to closing their slaughterhouses.”

But Marc Ching knew that not one paper would pick up his press release and that meant not one person would donate.

Since donations are all that matters. Marc Ching did what he does best… HE LIED!

On a side note:

It would also be helpful to know what this “Deal” was they Agreed to.

Since Marc Ching wrote ‘Details will be available on our website.’ As with everything Marc Ching, it was another lie. Whenever Marc Ching sends out a press release you can count on only two things

  1. Whatever it is, it will never be historic. Hell, it won’t even happen.
  2. Details will never follow.

I have no problem going after HSI or any rescue organization, as we have done, Rescue Organizations Exploiting Cats In Yulin

But If you do decide to rip into another organization you better…

  • Have your own house in order.
  • Don’t be Hypocrite
  • Use facts and not “I think” or “We believe”

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Karen Gifford The big mouth bass, botox overdosing mouthpiece for Marc Ching and his Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Are Hypocrites For Calling Out HSI
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  1. Arent we all on the same team here? Fight for the dogs not with eachother. This article makes me sad. Focus on what matters, its the only hope these dogs have!

  2. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It if truth be told used to be a leisure account it. Look advanced to more delivered agreeable from you! However, how can we keep up a correspondence?

  3. Great blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  4. you’re extremely misguided and delusional, what the H are YOU doing to rescue dogs?!?!? Who the fuck cares about feral cats right now? There’s dogs dying out there because theres not enough bodies to help, so get your boney ass up to Yulin and help! How dare you publicize this. everyone involved the dog meat trade knows you are a big fat NOBODY- everyone. You are the biggest laughing stock of the entire dog meat trade community, so get off your high horse, lend a hand to HELP and not tear down. Evil is as evil does.

  5. Even if he rescues only one cockroach, it’s a damned sight better than sitting behind a computer slagging him off. Why don’t you get off your arse and actually DO something constructive like going out there and rescuing some animals?

    • So I guess all those feral cats I take care of don’t count? I mean I build them little bungalows with heat for the winter. Isn’t amazing you guys attack HSI, Duo Duo. You need to look up the word hypocrisy

  6. I think whoever wrote this story and publishes this paper are drama queens and liars. All organizations should be pulling together to end this horrific trade not being a cissy and calling others names. Dominick is a bully and just makes me not want to read another thing at this paper and give all my money to Marc. Where do the millions that HSI go? I will never again give money to a big organization as it usually goes in the pockets of the board of directors. Get a life Dominick!

  7. In a world so frought with apathy, ignorance, malice, to name a few, why criticize someone who is able to garner thousands of people and give them hope that an evil practice of torture can and will end.

    And, yes, HSI misinformed the public that there was a ban on the Yulin Festival. So their being under criticism is natural. Were they defamed? I hope not.

    HSI is a world renown organization and it is held to a higher standard because of it. Checking their sources is critical. If people are hirt and annoyed so be it. Let them vent.

    But let’s not create infighting when dogs and cats are subjected to being skinned, boiled, dismembered, burned, beaten while alive and writhing in pain as so-called people stand around laughing. We need to use some common sense so that we can engage in the actualization of some common good on behalf of these sweet souls.

  8. You guys are full of shit! Going against Marc Ching to me is like going against what a prophet would do! Instead of supporting one another you are casting a stone to him and his organization! Stop judging him and try to support one another till victory! I don’t think Marc does what he does for fame or money! I am extremely offended and will not stand for bad mouthing the most amazing human being.

    • I totally agree Amy. Hsi has now proven to be bullying Marc Ching and calling us cult members. What bullshit! Hsi should be spending time and the millions of $$ they’ve received saving all the animals in China. Where did their $4 million go???? They falsely reported fake news and everyone including Marc believed them and reported the same. Hsi the real liars and bullying peopke

  9. Okay, she could have chosen more to the point wording, but, Dominick does that make her less than any other dog lover who wants desperately to stop the sadistic torture? I think not.

    • How would any of these people waste time on this crap talk. This issue is about saving the dogs/cats in China from brutal violence and torture. Imagine being skinned alive boiled alive set on fire too bashed repeatedly Dominic.. How would u like it?? Excruciating pain! These are the facts not your bullshit bullying.. Wasting time being a thug instead of trying to save the animals against terrorism in China by extremist terrorists brutally torturing living feeling animals!!! Stick with the real facts : torture extreme animal cruelty! We are not in kindergarten

    • As a longtime animal advocate I casually stumbled across this page and this post. What a hateful post. I know none of these people involved but for this writer to act like a little bitch does a disservice to your organization. Personal attacks? No thanks, you’ll never get that one dollar from me. Grow up.

      • I use facts, not fiction, if I am personally attacked then, of course, I’ll respond in kind. I would also point out that you basically cry “You’re not getting my $1 donation nah nah”… then you tell me to grow up? That’s just too funny

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