Animal House TV Fraudulently Raised $45k For Bandung Zoo Sun Bears

Animal House TV

In our original story on Bandung Zoo Sun Bears, we failed to connect Rebecca Rodriquez and Dr. Dan Allen to their Animal House TV pilot.

In our story about the Bandung Zoo, Sun Bear fundraiser we exposed that Ms. Rodriquez’s quest for her fundraiser was to either use the money to get her Animal House pilot episode picked up by a network. Or exploit the Sun bears to bring attention to their show.

While we did expose these two as individual frauds. Other than the naming their shows “Animal House” and “Animal House International”, we did not see any other connection.

We had watched the Animal House pilot episode seven-months ago for our Wildlife Planet story exposing Dr. Dan and his fraudulant claims against No To Dog Meat. We saw no mention of Rebecca Rodriguez.

We Failed To Do Our Job

While doing our follow-up investigation on the Sun Bears zoo conditions at the Bandung Zoo, we discovered the connection between Allen and Rodriquez.

While we can blame our oversight on watching the “Animal House” pilot episode and not seeing Rodriquez’s name. We pride ourselves on being honest, so using that as an excuse would be a cop-out, in my opinion.

I failed to do the proper follow through.  Just the fact that their shows had similar names should have been enough to do at least a minimal inquiry for that first story.

While I wanted to be clear and acknowledge my error, the real story remains unchanged. The money Rodriquez claimed to raise for the Sun Bears were procured fraudulently.


Continued Investigation

This story was intended as a follow up to our the story to the one we completed last week titled Animal Activist Exploit Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo

That story dealt with Rebecca Rodriquez having raised over $44,000 on her GoFundMe page.

She sensationalized and padded her resume as an animal activist filmmaker, by including things such as her 7-minute short film about floating poop.

With her supposed authenticity, she raised tens of thousands of dollars with no real plan of action to help these Sun Bears.

In our opinion, she was preying upon the generosity of caring innocent animal lovers to raise funds for her own self-interests.

Since this and future stories will show that the Bandung Zoo has made massive improvements to not only the Sun Bears habitat but the zoo itself. The question now becomes. What will Rebecca Rodriquez be doing with all that money she has raised?




The Daily Mail Sun Bear Story

On January 17th, 2017 the Daily Mail published a story and video of allegedly starving Sun Bears begging for food inside the Bandung Zoo located in Indonesian.

A majority of the information contained in The Daily Mail article, including the Video was from a group called Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group


Web of Deception

It was not surprising that while delving deeper into Rebecca Rodriguez that we discovered a Facebook page called Animals of Indonesia   which had recently been formed. Even less shocking is this page listing Scorpion Wildlife as a trusted Animal activist site working in Indonesia.

Just as in our original story, Animals of Indonesia is just a facade. This page was created to only lend gravity to the whole fundraising con.

The Aminals of Indonesia Facebook page was started by Animal House TV which was created by Rebecca A. Rodriquez.

Animal House TV was produced by Lucky Head Films owned by Rebecca A. Rodriquez.

Everything including the fundraiser seems to fall under the rather large umbrella of  Reb Rod, LLC. Which to no one’s surprise is owned by… Rebecca A. Rodriquez.



We have contacted individuals that are associated with the Bandung Zoo. And we have also been in contact with other individuals that are close to the situation.

The zoo had been working hard on detailed plans to bring the Sun Bear habitat up to standards. According to our sources, these improvements have already started.

In years past EndYulin2017 and Wildlife Planet has advocated for no animal ever being held in captivity. But due to man’s inhumanity and destruction brought against innocent animals. we fear that our dream can never become a reality.

Regrettably, over the past few months and years of reporting on the plight of animals, we have changed our opinion of zoos.

We now fear zoos will become the last refuge for animals fending off man’s willingness to drive any animal that has fur to wear or meat to eat into extinction.

If this is indeed the case. Then we must fight for these innocent creatures to live in a setting that is as close to their natural habitat as possible.


Things Have Changed?

Rodriquez’s GoFundMe Fundraiser has recently passed $45,000. But the question remains where is this money and what will it be used for?

The original stated goals were to put together a six person team that will visit this zoo. This team of “experts” were to document the supposed mistreatment of these Sun bears.

After our investigation into the daily mail article, we found that the Sun bears were not being taken care of to the standards we would demand.

Their habitat was even more of a concern to us and if this fundraiser was started to make improvements then we would have fully back that endeavor.

But this fundraiser was established for the purpose of sending an unnamed six-person team to investigate conditions that we already knew existed.

We questioned why she never stated who this six-person team would consist of. Now we can guarantee the fraudulent Dr. Dan Allen whose specializes in Otters will be one of those so-called ‘experts’ she was spewing about.

We would also not be surprised to see a few of Rebecca’s other Animal House co-stars showing up on her six member team.


The Sun Bears Life Has Vastly Improved

In April, Rodriquez’s GoFundMe fundraiser page stated that the Sun Bears were now being fed. The Facebook film we showed in our original story was produced by Cee4Life.

During our follow-up investigation, we discovered that the Cee4life organization has been working with the Bandung Zoological Gardens in an effort to improve the zoos animal welfare.

Their stated goals were to upgrade animal habitats, diet and creating and implementing animal and environmental education programs. As far as we can determine these stated goals are being reached.

After developing new sources and relying on a few of our regular eyes and ears in the region. We are now able to independently confirmed that the bears are indeed being regularly fed.

According to our informants not only have the Sun Bears diet become substantially better, nutritionally speaking. The Zoo has also been making improvements to many of their animal enclosures.

We are hoping that we will be able to get detailed information on Bandang’s long term plans.

We are also seeking the dates for which any improvements shall be completed. With this information, we can then hold the zoo accountable if they fail to meet projections.


Money raised and Transparency

Wildlife Planet has contacted the GoFundMe fraud division.

We have forwarded our evidence and our expert opinion on this matter. Without any transparency, or detail planning we can only conclude this fundraiser will not be used for their stated goals.

With the Sun Bear situation improving by the day. Our concern must turn to protecting the thousands of generous people who have had graciously given their own money to Rebecca Rodriquez in hopes of helping these innocent animals.

But the simple fact is, the situation for this GoFundMe fundraiser no longer exists.

Ms. Rodriquez can easily verify our findings.  By utilizing one of the animal rights groups she lists on her Facebook page as “Trusted” Indonesian ARA’s. If she reaches out to one of these groups she will discover our reporting is accurate.



It seems that Rebecca Rodriguez stole a page from Dr. Dan Allen’s playbook and sent the Bandung Zoo a list of seemingly unattainable demands.

Part of the list includes an on camera interview and other on site filming. These demands are basically an attempt to further their Animal House Television show and/or create an additional episode.

We are currently attempting to get a copy of the original letter or screen shots from Rodriquez communique to judge the validity of her demands.

In Dr. Dan Allen’s case, he was caught completely dumbfounded when “No To Dog Meat (NTDM)” Founder Julia de Cadenet agreed to his demands and agreed to be interviewed by him.

Hilariously after his bluff was called Allen made no attempt to set up an interview with NTDM.

After weeks of doing his best to hide from any and all social media questions. Allen declared his intention to abandon the Yulin Dogs narrative and return to the obscurity of his Otters.



I have never written that “Animal House” was a terrible show. In fact, I thought it was very well done.

But instead of promoting it and building an audience the right way. Allen and now Rodriquez tried to get the show picked up by a network through deception and fraud.

As with Dr. Dan when he attempted to defame No To Dog Meat, we suspect once our reporting becomes more disseminated.  The general public will become more aware of their ulterior motives.

We have no doubt that when they do become aware. The public will demand financial accountability and transparency from this fundraiser.

Unlike Allen who only destroyed his own reputation when he falsely attempted to portray himself a victim of NTDM trolling.  Ms. Rodriqueze’s plot is much more nefarious.

Rodriquez has already collected over $45,000 from many caring animal lovers. We suspect many of these generous people are living paycheck to paycheck.

Never-the-less after reading the Daily Mail story and seeing that Sun Bear video, these good hearted souls wanted to give these animals what little they had.

To me, that is the most shameful aspect of this situation.


Animal House TV Fraudulently Raised $45k For Bandung Zoo Sun Bears
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Animal House TV Fraudulently Raised $45k For Bandung Zoo Sun Bears
In our original story on Bandung Zoo Sun Bears, we failed to connect Rebecca Rodriquez and Dr. Dan Allen to their Animal House TV pilot.
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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