Chinese Woman Skinned Her Cat Alive

Chinese woman skins cat alive

The Woman only named by her surname Zhang, purchased the 5-month-old white cat for approximately $350.

Please note: It was not our idea to blur the cat killing moron’s face out.

Zhang, who purchased the cat from the pet shop in Lijiang City, in south-western China’s Sichuan. Zhang spent three days with the feline, even posting a smiling picture of the Cat online.

Chinese woman skins cat alive

After her family complained to the woman about her feline purchase, Zhang tried to return it. She brought the innocent kitten back to the pet shop where she had purchased it from.

She told the Pet shop owner, named Sheng, that she needed the $350 back for financial reasons. When the owner refused, saying his business does not do returns, Zhang stormed out.

An incredulous Zhang never bothered to try and find another buyer. Nor did she give the innocent animal away, Zhang decided in a fit of rage to skin the cat alive. Rather than finding an alternative Zhang’s only plan was to torture the cat to death by skinning it alive.

After Zhang was done, she stuffed the lifeless animal inside a black plastic bag and dumped it in front of the shop.

Later that same afternoon, the shopkeeper discovered the dead animal and called the police.

China in all its Animal Cruelty Glory

Authorities brought Zhang in for questioning and warned her about her disturbing behavior. Yes, in this moral-less country they warn you about the worst type of animal cruelty imaginable.

Of course, the Chinese authorities did not press charges because she had legal ownership of the cat at the time.

Instead, the extent of her punishment was Zhang offering a public apology to the shopkeeper.

China is the sickest place on Earth, there was no mention of the fact that this poor kitty was skinned alive. Nor did the reporting writing this article even hinted that her horrendous act was the slightest bit morally wrong.

What kind of sick country is China to have a society that believes torturing and innocent animal to death are just fine and dandy?

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