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Four Pillar Productions chose the wrong site to lie to. I believe we have demonstrated on numerous occasions that we do have the ability to uncover the truth.

Four Pillar Production Lies and Marc Ching

It seems so strange that anyone who associates with of befriends Marc Ching, and his organization The Animal Hope and Wellness… Lying is sure to follow? Now Four Pillar Productions has joined the list.

Plus, I have a new app, it’s called the “Bullshit” detector and damn did those alarm bells go off when I opened Four Pillar Production’s email.

Our initial email sent on 6/2 was similar to what we had sent to all the speakers that were listed for their upcoming event in November called “Rescuing the Dogs from Asia”

Our main concern was their shift in policy on who would be available to speak at their events.

In 2016 Four pillars placed last minute calls to speakers to cancel their speaking privileges and also reneged on a previous agreed upon speaking fees. Their reason was based negative comments on social media as well as well as traditional websites.

We were actually asked to investigate Four Pillars in 2016 but felt every organization has the right to do as they feel best. We saw nothing to report on since they were simply following the policies they felt reflected their ethical and moral standards.

Liberal or Conservative it does not matter to us. You have the right to make the policies that best reflect who you choose to be.

Where this non-story became a story, was when they announced their 2017 “Rescuing The Dogs From Asia” event.

After they announced Marc Ching as their keynote speaker. A few people sent us information exposing Four Pillar’s hypocrisy. We will have a report due out later this week.

That is if we ever get past writing about all the lying and/or hysteria from out initial emails.

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Even if you doubt our Marc Ching reporting, there is no denying the fact that the Los Angeles Criminal Court Records do show Marc Ching being arrested for Kidnapping, Assualt with a deadly weapon and Robbery.

In 2001 the courts gave Marc Ching an 11-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

Four Pillars does have the right to change their 2016 policies, but if they ask the public to pay $120 a ticket to attend this event. Then the public has a right to know why this policy was changed?

That was, in essence, our line of questioning. We also asked if the other guests and sponsors were informed of Marc Ching’s controversial past. They had a right to know who they would be sharing the stage with.

I think it is also fair to say a sponsor whose money is paying to put on the event, should have the right to refuse or accept a speaker such as Kathy Griffin? Or even Bill Cosby?

Responses So far

On 6/2 Four Pillar Productions had listed and announced these guest speakers:

  • Caryn Lilies – Her response was reported in our story: Caryn Liles Threatens Lawsuit Against End Yulin 2017
  • Candice Cornack – Responded to us saying she would not be attending. We responded to her that she may not have been aware that she was still listed on Four Pillars site as a guest speaker
  • Andrew Plumbly – Has yet to respond
  • Sheely Craig – She is an owner or associated with Four Pillars. We neither expect she will be speaking at and is aware of Marc Ching’s dubious past. However, in fairness send an email as well.

We had yet to receive any responses back from the sponsors that were listed on their site.


Severe Turn Ahead

And this is where the story took a left turn. I truly fail to see why people just don’t tell the truth. There is an old saying “The coverup is always far worse than the crime. I like quoting old sayings because they are often true.

As you will see below. Four Pillars responded was severely lacking any rational. Basically, they responded with “You’ll have to pay the $120 and wait till November for Marc Ching to respond to his past.

We received another email from them claiming they had no sponsors but the night before they were clearly listed.

Now we could have waited to report on this. I can be pretty certain that Four Pillars would have claimed we were wrong and they never listed any sponsors. When we visited the page we only saw a 404 page does not exist.

Unfortunately, we did not screen shot this sponsor page, but fortunate for us, Google did. While not complete. It does show the page and some of the sponsors that were listed on June 2nd.

We could have held this story back but we are not in the “Gotcha” game. We just want real answers to real questions. In fact, we do our best to protect organizations and people to stop making fools of themselves.

This site and Wildlife Planet are run by me. I have no time to waste. On every story all we can do is. Hope we get the truth. We report on it. And we move on.

It has already been three days and this will be the 2nd story and we haven’t even reported on the story we have actual evidence on. While we love free content, we would rather have facts than the fallacy.



Instead of Four Pillars setting off our bullshit detector again, I will save them from themselves. Instead of them replying back with

  • A) EndYulin2017 is wrong, Four Pillars never listed any sponsors For The Asia Dog Event. Or.
  • B) You must have seen last years sponsor page. Or, we forgot to remove last years sponsor page

If they answer with (a) the screen shot will show this answer would be nothing but a lie. If they go with (B) the screenshot not only shows this to false. But other screenshots would prove they not only changed the graphics on the page. They changed the pages name to read “Rescuing the Dogs of Asia.”

As you’ll see, Google search engine already fetched it.  Someone at Four Pillars changed the wording and graphic from last year’s page, this is a brand new page, completely separate from 2016.

The only conclusion we can draw from their email is. They blatantly lied to EndYulin2017. We assume they attempted to

  • (A)Fool potential ticket buyers into believing they had sponsors or.
  • (B) They did not want us to contact these sponsors for answers to our questions. Which would have been fruitless since we had already written them? Something we pointed out we were going to do in our first email.

You will see below that we sent a new set of questions that their original response produced. We do hope they get a good night’s sleep. Eat a healthy breakfast so they will have the mental capacity to answer our questions with some honesty and thought.

In case Four Pillar Productions doesn’t understand we do not play games. Based on what we have witnessed to this point. Despite our grammar challenges, we are far smarter than you could ever hope to be.

So, Shall we try this again?

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Four Pillar Productions Caught Lying
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Four Pillar Productions Caught Lying
It seems so strange that anyone who associates with of befriends Marc Ching, and his organization The Animal Hope and Wellness... Lying is sure to follow? Now Four Pillar Productions has join the list.
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