Hypocrite Animal Hope and Wellness Demands Truth From Humane Society and Duo Duo

Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundations Are Proven, Liars. Now They Demand HSI and Duo Duo, Tell The Truth?

Marc Ching, AHWF, and Their cult members have lied about the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Duo Duo Project but now demand they tell the truth.

These LiarRus.com members keep pushing the fake news that HSI and Duo Duo Project had announced the Yulin Festival was over.

They also claim that HSI and Duo Duo said that Dog Meat was banned in Yulin because they wanted donations. Plus Marc Ching followers claim that HSI and Duo Duo WANT the dogs to die because they don’t want Yulin to end.

This kind of sickness is easily believed by their cult. But the moment EndYulin2017.com and our sister site Wildlife Planet expose Marc Ching lies. AHWF cries Slander. But never once have I been sued by them?

Worse in order to avoid acknowledging our facts, they cry.

  • “Why are you doing this?
  • Aren’t we supposed to be in this together?
  • What about the dogs?
  • You are hurting the cause with your slander against Marc Ching

Their latest attack against us is pathetic

  • In 2003 I failed to pay $20 to a graphic artist because his work was junk and I never used his artwork.
  • I owe child support toward my two kids… Oh BTW they are now age 33 and 32 but the court still thinks they are children? I explain everything in this post

Of course even if true… This doesn’t compare to Marc Ching and his charges of Assualt with a deadly weapon, Robbery, one count of Kidnapping and three counts of Kidnapping for Ransom. Or his 11-year prison sentence.

But the hypocrisy cup overflowed when AHWF sent out this FaceBook post.

AHWF Blatant Hypocrisy

AHWF Hypocrites

For the past seven months, we have reported on the hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of lies told by Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness.

My head spins reading their posts every single day. Now Animal hope and wellness are calling on people to “TELL THE TRUTH?” I would laugh if it was so disgusting and disingenuous.

It has taken me 60 articles and 85,000 words exposing just a fraction of the lies this 2-bit, two-person organization have told since the 2016 Yulin Festival.

The cry “We need to be in this together” and the next breath lets their followers claim Duo Duo Project and HSI are stealing money. Is that the “unity” Marc Ching and AHWF are pushing?

Animal Hope and Wellness cries that Humane Society International abandoned them. In our opinion they should not only abandon you they should bury you, after the way you showed your gratitude in 2016.

Let’s just review how Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness treats their friends. And at the same time Let’s us see how much “Truth” AHWF does?

This is from The Yulin 2016 rescue – The Yulin Festival started on June 20th, 2016.

Animal hope and wellness Truth

Please, Animal Hope and Wellness Tell us where the truth in these Marc Ching statements?

Animal Hope and Wellness Calls for Truth and Unity? After HSI stepped in and rescued 120 dogs from Marc Ching because he screwed up his rescue. How did The Executive Director of AHWF thank them?

First They Spit In HSI and Peter Li’s Face



Then AHWF Lets Cult Members Attack HSI On Behalf of Marc Ching

Truth Telling Starts at Home

What about Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness Truths?

Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness claims “The big Rescue Organizations abandoned Us”

  • Didn’t HSI rescue 120 dogs from Marc Ching’s 2016 Rescue?
  • Didn’t Soi Dog Rescue 70 From Marc Ching’s 2016 Rescue?
  • Why didn’t Marc Ching Tell the truth about why other organizations didn’t help him in Yulin?

Marc Ching LIED when he said this…


We have all the original emails from this person. But we are unable to release them because of our arrangement with our source. But in court, we can, so if anyone wants to sue us, be our guest.

They are from Susan Campbell (susan840@hotmail.com). She was a go between Marc Ching and other rescue operations.  For days she refused to answer one simple question:  Is Marc Ching buying dogs?

When they finally did tell the truth. EVERY organization said No.

They all explained to Marc Ching “This is not a rescue, it’s shopping. It only enriches the butchers and slaughterhouses. Plus as soon as these evil people realize you will buy the dogs and cats, they increase prices not only in 2016 but future years as well.

So Animal Hope and Wellness why to this day, Marc Ching still claims.

  • “Every Organization turned their backs on us”
  • “We have no idea why they would not help us?”

Marc Ching tried to hide his criminal past.

  • Why isn’t he explaining why he did this?
  • Did he apologize to the person(s) that he kidnapped?
  • What about his gang affiliation?
  • Doesn’t people who are donating have the right to know who Marc Ching was before 2015?
  • Don’t they have the right to know how trustworthy he is, before handing over their money?


  • Why hasn’t Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness released their financial records?
  • AHWF followers claim that HSI should open their books (Which they have)
  • Where is the $100,000 that Marc Ching claimed had been ‘Misplaced’ The Judge in the Jeffrey Beri and Deborah Hall case already stated that they did not steal the money? So if not them, then where is this money?


Do as we say not as we do

Will Animal Hope and Wellness disavow the comments made by many of AHWF followers including Karen Gifford and James Tsai?

They accused HSI and Duo Duo of stealing donations, creating a fake press release to garner donations and claim they want to prevent the end of the dog meat trade.

Tsai Duo duo attack

  • Where are all the Marc Ching supporters who claim I “Slander” Marc Ching?
  • Why are they not saying the same thing about James Tsai?

The Silence is Deafening 

Animal Hope and Wellness claims it’s all about the dogs but AHWF and Marc Ching stood by and said nothing as another group No Dogs Left Behind was attacked by Karen Gifford and Marc Ching cult members after No Dogs Left Behind was trying to raise funds to save 650 dogs.

  • Marc Ching, Why is this attack OK?
  • AHWF, Why is this attack OK?

Read: Marc Ching’s followers would rather see 650 dogs die



It’s time to hold Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness accountable for their many lies and outlandish claims against other organizations.

Marc Ching is a Delusional Narcissist.

I would like to remind every single Marc Ching kool-aid drinking supporter that despite Marc Ching filing frivolous lawsuits against his Yulin rescue volunteers. In 7 months of reporting Marc Ching and/or AHWF has never filed a lawsuit against me or my website.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself why? I am begging Marc Ching to sue me, but he will not because we have not lied.

For the record, I am begging Marc Ching to sue me, but he will not because we have not lied.

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Hypocrite Animal Hope and Wellness Demands Truth From Humane Society and Duo Duo
Article Name
Hypocrite Animal Hope and Wellness Demands Truth From Humane Society and Duo Duo
Hypocrites Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundations Are Proven, Liars. Now AHWF Demands HSI and Duo Duo, Tell The Truth?
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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