Is There Less Media Coverage at the 2017 Yulin Festival?

is there less media at the Yulin festival

There are some rescue organizations claiming that the 2017 Yulin Festival media coverage is far less than in years past. But one has to look at the source of this information.

Marc Ching and his kool-aid drinking parrots are blaming the lack of media on the Humane Society International (HSI).

What Ching and his little band seem to forget is China implemented a new NGO rescue operations to register with the Chinese government. Unlike Ching, HSI is a legitimate rescue organization. So they must obey rules.

Marc Ching and his little 2-person Animal Hope and Wellness is a nothing, nobody organization. One it seems China doesn’t need to waste its resources on.

Ching can’t even claim he has seen fewer media than in 2016.Why? Because he has never been to the Yulin Festival a week before the start of the Yulin Festival.

Last year, the only year Marc Ching ever went to the Yulin festival. One that hundreds of dogs wish he never attended. He did not arrive in Yulin until June 19th.

While Marc Ching has loads of problems telling the truth and facts. We do not have any problem reporting facts. So let’s give you a few facts.

  • Marc Ching has been pushing this false story of fewer media coverage since the start of June.
  • He claims it is all because of HSI’s reporting of a dog meat ban, of course never mentioning Marc Ching himself pushed the same exact story.
  • Marc Ching did not attend 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Yulin Festival.
  • Marc Ching arrived at his first ever Yulin Festival the day before the 2016 Yulin Festival started. He arrived on June 19th and left June 25th. So I assume these 6 days gives him massive insight into the media coverage of the 2016 festival.
  • In fact, Marc Ching was in Yulin a total of 2-1/2 days the rest of the time was spent outside the city.

With these facts in mind, how could Marc Ching and his 2-person Animal Hope and Wellness (AHWF) claim…

  • That there are fewer media on June 15th, 2017?
  • There are fewer rescuers in 2017 than 2016?

Marc Ching seems absolutely positive HSI is to blame? But without naming even one person who did not show up to this year’s festival. He did no interviews on why the so-called missing media and volunteers did not attend. So even if people and media are missing… How can he blame HSI?

It’s all About The Benjamins 

It is disgusting that this all stems from jealousy. Marc Ching failed in rescuing the dogs that he bought in 2016. Not wanting to repeat that disaster over again. Marc Ching knew he needed to create a press release, so he came up with this diatribe.

Since he will be doing exactly what everyone else is doing, he would be just like everyone else. Of course, he will say he saved hundreds upon hundreds of dogs… without showing any proof. He will of course say “Because I knew people would not believe us, I documented everything. Then proceed never to release this documented proof.

BTW Marc Saying “I wrote down 600 dogs” is not documented proof, you moron!

Bottom line, Marc Ching wants HSI’s donations. He believes his failed 2-person, less than 2-year in operation is somehow on par and more worthy than a world renowned, decades old rescue organization.

Marc Ching’s only claim to fame is lying, being a convicted kidnapper and a failed rescue that HSI, Soi D, and No dogs left behind needed to rescue.

If Marc Ching wants to accuse someone of something how about showing us some proof?

  • How many media outlets were there at the 2015 Yulin Festival?
  • How about 2016? And 2017?
  • Who are his witnesses and please include names, Not “I talked to three butchers. Or “I had a meeting with Yulin officials.”
  • Please name, names.

Since it’s almost impossible to find a Marc Ching truth in the forest of lies he tells, his credibility is severely lacking

If Marc Ching and his cult led by Karen Gifford want to spread false rumors and BS. Then back it up with at least ONE FACT.

Until then I would rather believe Peter Li, and HSI who needed to do a last minute rescue of Marc Ching’s disastrous 2016 Yulin Rescue.

Please note we are 100% sure Marc Ching will be issuing an “HSI is bad” Press release in the near future. He will claim that more dogs this died than ever before because of HSI. All in the hopes of creating a donation-producing publicity.

It must be tough being so mentally challenged that you need to try this disgusting tactic.

Our Proof

Marc Ching used the same information as HSI Click here

Marc Ching cult cries foul over HSI headlines when Marc Ching does the same exact thing: click here





Is There Less Media Coverage at the 2017 Yulin Festival?
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Is There Less Media Coverage at the 2017 Yulin Festival?
Marc Ching and his cult (Who else would it be) is claiming that the 2017 Yulin Festival media coverage is far less than in years past.
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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  4. Please stop this. It’s killing me. Dogs are the most loyal animal. Stop this nonsense festival. Save the DOGS 😤😭💜

  5. Instead of Slandering Marc Ching.. You should all spend your time reporting the facts re China’s terrorism on dogs/cats. How would u feel being bashed to near death, skinned alive , boiled alive set on fire too and raped by Chinese sociopathic evil people with brutal violence. Shame on you for your bullying of Marc. Waste of precious time when animals in need .. Need saving! Grow up. Help the animals or your just as bad as the ones who do the brutal acts of violence.

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