James Tsai Throws Tonka Under The Bus

James Tsai Throws Out Tonka Dane Dog

The only thing worse than a hypocrite… Is a hypocrite that exploits an innocent animal. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the idiot James Tsai

While investigating James Tsai doing Marc Ching bidding, I ran across something even worse than Tsai accusing Duo Duo project and HSI of killing thousands of dogs. This story will be published early am e.s.t. on 6/18

Not surprising Tsai said nothing about Marc Ching being on vacation in Hawaii as hundreds of dogs he claimed he ‘saved’ succumbed to slow painful deaths. Ironically it took HSI and Soi Dog to come rescue Marc Ching’s 2016 Yulin festival rescue.

James Tsai

Just once I wish to know the location where cockroaches like Marc Ching and James Tsai crawl out from, so I can plug the hole up for good.

After investigating these morons for the past few years here are a few things you’ll need to pocess to become a member of the bottom feeders club

  1. A do as I say not as I do mentality.
  2. The ability to use animals for your own gain, or ego.
  3. Absolutely no conscious.
  4. The ability to lie.
  5. Use an animal as a pawn when you don’t get your way.
  6. Be a blatant hypocrite.

The 48-year-old Tsai runs Arf Arf Bark Bark, a non-profit foundation that rehabs aggressive and traumatized dogs. He has been called (By himself) one of North America’s top experts in large-breed canine rehabilitation and even dubbed (By himself) a “dog whisperer.”

The Tragic Story of Tonka

Tonka is a 2-1/2-year-old, black-and-white Great Dane that had been severely abused by its previous owners.

According to a Vancouver Sun report, Tonka had been shocked into submission, caged, beaten and dragged, so much that the dog had “shut down” and retreated into himself, resorting to aggression in many situations.

A 9/11 first responder took a liking to Tonka and was able to raise enough money to try and rehab this poor innocent animal.

Tonka’s first step on his long road to recovery was being sent to live with Tsai in Surrey, Canada.

It was expected that Tonka would need at least a year of rehab to learn how to interact with humans and other dogs. But in just a few weeks Tsai proclaimed Tonka had made incredible progress.

Tsai stated, “He’s [Tonka] made significant progress.” Noting in just weeks was off-leash and showed far less aggression and anxiety around people and other animals.


Warning: Hypocrite U-Turn Just Ahead

At this point, everything seemed great, and Tonka was on course to be a lovable Gentle Giant.

In the Video below you’ll see how Tsai talks about Tonka, and dogs in general.

Tsai states as fact that dogs…

  • Have a depth to their soul.
  • They are sentient beings.
  •  Every dog wants a [Human] connection.
  • Dogs are living, breathing souls.
  • “They will defend us to death, so why should we treat them as Garbage”

Tsai belongs to a group of Great Dane lovers. I am still waiting on responses but evidently, a person in the group decided to put down two great Danes. I do not know the particulars but in the end, it has little bearing on this story.

The person who put the dogs down received both sympathy and condemnation from other members. But James Tsai threw a hissy fit demanding the person be ostracized.

Tsai condemned any member who showed even the slightest hint of support. In Tsai egomaniacal world, this person was wrong because instead of putting the dogs down, they should have called the great and all powerful Tsai.

James Tsai spent hours demanding nothing short of slapping a scarlet letter on this dog owner and having them burned at the stake for his perceived injustice toward these two animals.

At this point, I actually saw nothing to write about. While he was throwing a 5-year-old tantrum it was understandable if as Tsai believed the dogs were healthy and did not need to be put down.

It has always been our view that everyone is entitled to your opinion. As long as you do not invent facts to fit your fiction. The only thing I did disagree with is Tsai’s lack of detailed knowledge of the situation.

These two dogs had behavioral problems and allegedly one dog escaped it’s muzzle and attacked the other great Dane. Personally, I can’t imagine trying to break up two crazed Great Danes.

They are huge and when riled not many animals, let alone people would stand a chance against them.

The bottom line is without facts, Tsai had no reason to go off the deep end as he did.

Stepping over the line

If Tsai kept throwing a Hissy fit then, of course, whoever runs the group could have taken action if they wanted to. Again up to this point Tsai had every right to say what he wanted inside a chat room.

Where Tsai jumped the shark was when he declared to the group that Tonka must be out of his house in 2 weeks.

No one for any reason has the right to use Tonka or any animal as a pawn in some deluded game of “If you don’t agree with me, I am taking my ball and going home”

It’s amazing that someone who whines about ‘his love of dogs’ declared to this group “you have 2 weeks to take Tonka or in basic terms “I am kicking the dog to the curb”

I have seen this egotistical behavior far too many times. This is one of the reasons why I have to spend countless hours calling out these frauds.

Tsai, I am sure claimed a million times how it’s never about the money. He rescues the dogs because of his love for them. But like every narcissist, the moment the poop hits the fan, money comments come out the other side.

Like clockwork Tsai started rattling off the oh so familiar “I never mentioned money before… But.” and without missing a beat started whining “I spent $3000 a week, It will cost me $170,000 for the year.”

Once I read his Narcissistic sociopath bullshit, it was time to step in. I dealt with Tsai before. He is nothing but a Facebook tough guy. I took him down a few pegs earlier this year.   Now it’s time for another beat down… With facts.

He claims “I am a private person” then displays all his ego trip links in his posts.

The James Tsai, Marc Ching, Lisa Vanderpumps, PETA and many others all seem to use the same silly tactics.

The Narcissistic Egomaniac Playbook

  1. Claim how it’s all about the animals
  2. State how you risk life and limb to do [whatever]
  3. State as fact it’s not about the money
  4. Tell everyone how much money you spent.
  5. State as fact “I never sought fame”
  6. Then claim all the fame you achieved, wasn’t your fault.
  7. Make sure you announce you’re a private person and just want to be with the animals.
  8. Then list every link to whatever social media account, newspaper story or YouTube video there is about you.
  9. Whine and seek pity because your [Family or Personal life] has sacrificed so much for the animals.


Let Them Talk

The Tsai’s of the worlds have one fatal flaw, the more they speak the more the truth leaks out. I have caught Marc Ching in 100’s of lies and 90% of them I just needed to wait for a few weeks. Sooner or later in an effort to defend himself,  he will screw up his story.

In these types of cases where a person like Tsai is throwing a chatroom temper tantrum, they eventually get to the point where they quit. Then as any moron does, tries to hurt everyone with the most despicable thing they can think of.

In this case, Tsai decided on using an innocent dog, who went through hell.

Now that Tonka may have made a connection with Tsai. Or at the very least finally feels that he belongs and maybe even a bit loved.

Tsai has decided he will act like a child and kick the dog out like yesterdays’ garbage.

There is NO REASON for this behavior. No matter who was right or who was wrong in that chat room. Tsai using the dog as a pawn in an effort to have his ego stroked it beyond reprehensible.

Exposing the Frauds

Our original mission at EndYulin2017 and Wildlife Planet was to report on the animal cruelty that happens all over the world.

But our mission has taken on the added job of exposing the true intentions of idiots like Tsai, Ching, and Vanderpimpin the Yulin dogs of the world.

I can be as mean as anyone but I could never dream of using any animal in an effort to get my way. That is why I spend countless hours researching these Neandertals.

I do not care how much good you have done in the past, it never excuses this type of behavior.

The Clock Is Ticking

I also give every single person a chance at redemption, because I understand you can do something stupid. If Tsai makes a public apology we will remove this story.

But God help him if acts like every other fool and decides to double down on his stupidity.  I maybe a grammar Nazi’s worse nightmare, but I am relentless.

There is one undeniable fact when it comes to my sites… In 2 weeks when someone Googles their name, my posts will pop up on page #1, right next to their puff pieces.

Just ask Marc Ching how wonderful it is to see “Marc Ching rescues 1,000 dogs” and the Next story says “EndYulin2017.com exposes Marc Ching’s Felony Kidnapping Conviction”

Don’t test me, James Tsai, you have 48 hours to man up and publicly apologize to Tonka for using him as you did.

Click on image to view some of the chatroom posts of James Tsai. They may not be in order since we tried to make our deadline. We will update it as soon as possible.

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James Tsai Throws Tonka Under The Bus
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James Tsai Throws Tonka Under The Bus
The only thing worse than a hypocrite... Is a hypocrite that exploits an innocent animal. Ladies and Gentlemen I present James Tsai, asshole extraordinaire.
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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