James Tsai Using The Pain of 9/11 To Win A Facebook Fight

James Tsai Using The Victim of 911

On a cool crisp, September morning in New York City, people described that daybreak on 9/11 as extraordinarily beautiful. But that feeling of perfection quickly vanished the moment you glimpse what was happening.

As unimaginable as 9/11 was, James Tsai an egotistical Narcissist using that horrific day to win a Facebook fight is equally unimaginable.

James Tsai would cross any boundary of decency and go to any length to avoid saying he was wrong.  Tsai went someplace that was simply so inconceivable that it would make any normal narcissist cringe.

In a March 2017, a story appeared in the Vancouver  Sun titled “B.C.-based dog whisperer to rehab Great Dane rescued by 9/11 first responder.”

The story revolves around an abused Great Dane Named Tonka who was saved by someone who our nation holds a special place in our hearts for.

Patty Lucci, a retired cop from New York who was among those working at ground zero in the aftermath of 9/11. Since retiring, Lucci has kept busy volunteering with the Southampton Animal Shelter on Long Island.

It was there that Lucci fell in love with Tonka, a two-year-old, black-and-white Great Dane that had been severely abused by its previous owners. Tonka had been shocked into submission, caged, beaten and dragged, so much that the dog had “shut down” and retreated into himself, resorting to aggression in many situations.

One owner was caught punching the dog in the head repeatedly with a closed fist in the parking lot of a shelter on the day he had planned to surrender the dog.

Patty was unable to adopt Tonka but she wouldn’t give up on this innocent treasure. With the help of Great Danes of Our Hearts, a Facebook group devoted to these gentle giants, along with thousands of other animal lovers. Lucci raised enough money to send Tonka to rehab with James Tsai.


Taken In By A Con Artist

The 48-year-old Tsai runs Arf Arf Bark Bark, a non-profit foundation that rehabs aggressive and traumatized dogs.

Speaking with EndYulin2017 Lucci recalled, “I had so many conversations with James Tsai I believed we had developed a special rapport. I got to the point where I felt very comfortable sending Tonka to him.”

“I was utterly convinced that Tonka would receive the best of care. More importantly, the love that this poor dog needed to recover from the trauma of being abused” she added

The short version of the events that eventually will lead to me writing this story is as follows.

After a member of the Facebook group that Lucci was a member of announced that she needed to put down her two overly aggressive Great Danes. The group while not condoning her actions did show this member compassion, knowing how difficult that decision must have been.

This group was instrumental in helping Lucci raise the funds that sent Tonka to James Tsai.

Tsai was outraged with the group for showing any compassion toward this woman and demanded that she be ostracized from the group. When his demands were rebuffed by the group’s leadership. Like any 5-year old who doesn’t get their way, Tsai started throwing a temper tantrum.

Even those supporting Tsai told him to ‘Take a breath’ because he was acting rather childish. Incensed at the blasphemy directed toward him, Tsai in a final attempt to win the fight, demanded someone in the group take Tonka within two weeks or he would abandon this innocent dog at a local animal shelter.

A more detailed version can be found here James Tsai Throws Tonka Under The Bus


Trying To Make Him See Reason

A few of the group members having seen our reporting on Marc Ching and knowing we would not back down from death threats or be the least bit concerned from cult members attacks.

They asked us to look into and hopefully write a story that would allow James Tsai to see how immature he had become.

Our story tried to show James Tsai the hypocrisy of his actions when compared to what he, himself said in a video about Tonka that the Vancouver Sun had produced to accompany their article.

Even though Narcissist and facts are normally are allergic to each other. I felt that even though Tsai would not see the link between what he wrote and what he said. In my heart I felt there was very little chance that Tsai would ever carry out his threat.

I decided for Tonka’s sake to back off and hope the group’s leadership could resolve the situation peacefully.

I had no doubt, for the well-being of Tonka, they would appeal to Tsai’s ego. Hopefully, they would placate him enough to reach a point where Tsai would announce he had a change of heart.

Unfortunately, a few days later another batch of emails arrived in my inbox. They all basically said while the group tried to smooth things over with Tsai. He experienced another meltdown and re-issued his June 30th Tonka deadline.

I wrote a much more serious and scathing article titled “In 7-Days James Tsai Kicks Tonka An Abused Dog To The Curb.”


Our Message Falls On Deaf Ears

We hoped that Tsai would get the message that not only was his decision was delusional, but he was risking everything he had worked for if he followed through on his threat.

Tsai owns a car transport business called Jetsai transport, this along with making a good living off his dog rescue operation should have been enough to bring Tsai to his senses.

I have been reporting on Narcissist like Marc Ching and Lisa Vanderpump for the past 8-months so I am fully aware of what most narcissists are capable of.

I had no doubt somewhere in his little mind Tsai knows he is wrong. But his ego is so large he just needed a way out that also allows him to avoid admitting any wrongdoing.

Again, I decided to back off and give it a few days hoping that he would see reason and at the last moment announce “Because of my love of Tonka I decided I will NOT send him to the shelter.

Any sane person would have long ago ended this whole sordid episode. But instead of apologizing like a real man, Tsai has now chosen to double down on his insanity and in turn, sealed his fate.



Last night I was contacted by Patty Lucci. She was understandably upset about Tsai using Tonka as a pawn in his game to appease his ego, but his delusional thinking had taken a turn for the worse.

As we reported in our previous articles Tsai like all con-artist always claims over and over how it’s never about the money. He rescues the dogs because of his love for them.

But like clockwork, every narcissist within seconds starts rattling numbers like some deranged accountant overdosing on Adderall.

As we reported last week Tsai claimed:  “I spent $3000 a week, It will cost me $170,000 for the year.”

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the situation but these imbeciles true gift is their ability to project losses and/or cost projections.

for example, If they had a dog for one week they would announce “I needed to buy supplies, food, and water bowls, materials, training aids and it cost me $400.”

Ignoring the fact they had the dog mere weeks they would state as fact I am spending $20,000 a year on this rescue. Completely ignore the facts that they would have had to accumulate 104 bowls and 52 beds in order to reach this inflated cost.

In Tsai case, he said, “I spent $3000 a week, It will cost me $170,000 for the year.” Which of course is not only illogical but utterly ridiculous. But according to Patty just a few days after posting these figures.

Tsai looking for someone to adopt Tonka has announced the cost of Tonka’s rehabilitation now stands at $280,000?

Worse than the insane amount that Tsai was posting he had been taking calls from caring people who were inquiring about adopting Tonka.


Caring People 

All these people wanted was to give Tonka a safe home and the love that he has never received.

Tsai in an effort to claim he shipped Tonka out and in his mind win his Facebook fight has not provided these people with Tonka’s true background.

Tonka was inhumanely abused, beaten and as any animal would, he defended himself by biting. So he has a bite record in New York State. This means if Tonka bites anyone else he would most likely be euthanized.

Tonka not only needs a home filled with love and people who understand his emotional needs.  He needs owners that have been trained in dealing with a large bred dog, with the potential to cause great harm if provoked.

These people would have the training to understand Tonka’s body language. This training will enable the owners to see if Tonka is showing signs of stress that would lead to him lashing out.

Tsai ego is so out of control when interviewing a potential family looking to adopt Tonka he failed to mention the high risk that Tonka poses.

When this older couple inquired further with other group members they discovered what Tsai failed to mention.

This, of course, understandably changed their minds because they had young grandchildren in their home.  Tonka would, therefore, pose too much of a threat to these children.

It’s inconceivable that James Tsai is so mentally deranged that he is willing to risk a child getting hurt or even killed, just so he can tell the Facebook group “I told you so”

After Patty Lucci had enough of Tsai and his childish attitude she started to reach out to people that would expose James Tsai, and his insane demands and his careless disregard for people’s lives.

After hearing Lucci was telling the truth to reporters, he demanded she retract her statements and in return, he would keep Tonka.

James Tsai 9_11 Threat


Delusional Demands

If James Tsai using an abused dog as a pawn to win his Facebook spat wasn’t tasteless enough.

What he started spewing just made him even more reprehensible.

While being in no position to demand anything. James Tsai never-the-less demanded Patty Lucci retract her statements. But he also suggested she blame it all on her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from her being a first responder on 9/11.

For many first responders even 15 years after that horrific day many are still unable to cope with what they had witnessed.

Many others still wake up screaming drenched in a cold sweat. Always and forever wondering why they lived but friends who they felt more worthy than they, died.

For James Tsai to so callously use one of the most horrifying events in US history is sickening. An event that cost first responders like Patty Lucci the lives of so many friends and loved ones. All to win a Facebook fight it beyond comprehension.

I can not put into words the anger I feel. My anger was so consuming that I needed to write this article over four times. Because I just don’t have the words to explain what I am feeling.

I know in my heart I would never possess the skills needed to be able to write an article that articulates the madness that turns inside of me.

My only hope is a real journalist would use this article to pen a story that would have a more meaningful and impactful narrative.

The only thing I do know for sure is the fact that I just want to wrap my hands around James Tsai neck and never let go until his lifeless corpse turns as cold as his heart.


The Worst Humanity Has To Offer

The NYPD, FDNY and all the first responders who ran into the twin towers with full knowledge that they may never come out But still the never hesitated because they knew they were born for this moment in time. They were needed by scared people unprepared for the events of this fateful day.

Thier bravery is something that we honor because it shows the best of humanity. Now their bravery is being used by the most cowardly person imaginable.

For James Tsai to even suggest Patty Lucci use this excuse. Like it was no different than using “My dog ate my homework” is beyond reprehensible.

I personally will devote both my sites making sure every time the name James Tsai is mentioned. People will say “Oh that’s the ass who used the memory of all those braves souls lost on 9/11 to win a Facebook fight.”

If anyone is stupid enough to use his business I will shame them. And make sure everyone knows their name.


My Promise To All Those Souls Lost

It would be a mistake to question my resolve. I visit New York City often. And every time I drive into the City just a little over a mile or so away from the midtown tunnel entrance the road rises. At this point, nothing obstructs your view of the entire skyline of lower Manhattan.

When that moment comes, even after 15 years every single time I look upon our beautiful city skyline. I see the scar that can never be healed.

I see the people who went to work that morning. Totally unaware that anything so unimaginable would take them from their loved ones.

I see the faces of all those first responders who ignored death and rushed head on into hell. Because there were people in need inside those building waiting for a miracle to save them.

I see the friends I’ll never talk again and I’ll hear the voices of all the phone calls home from people knowing the end was at hand, and they’re only concern was to comfort those that would live on.

So, James Tsai, you don’t have to fear me. but you better fear my resolve. Because nothing on Earth will ever make me forget how you callously used the pain of millions to ease your pitiful little-bruised ego.


James Tsai Using The Pain of 9/11 To Win A Facebook Fight
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James Tsai Using The Pain of 9/11 To Win A Facebook Fight
As unimaginable as 9/11 was, James Tsai an egotistical Narcissist using that horrific day to win a Facebook fight is Just as Unimaginable
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  5. I feel Patti would be the best fit in Tonkas life! They need each other. If this ads let’s him go to someone who doesn’t know his story, that will be the end for him! He’s come so far and yet this James Tsai has turned him back from being a wonderful fit to a loving home that he so well deserves! I send loving thoughts, and prayers to Patti and TONKA! You guys belong together, you have a bind, and Patti, TONKA has gained your trust, and he depends on you to help him, I just hope you 2 will be reunited before it’s too late! Much love to the both of you!

  6. Patti and Tonka have my prayers I have followed this story from day 1. I believe that Patti would be the best Parent for Tonka.

  7. I pray for Tonka. I hope this poor dog finds peace in one way or another. Dogs have done so much for mankind and do not deserve to be treated this way.

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