Marc Ching Attack Troll Karen Gifford Gets Even Dumber

Karen Gifford Dumb and Dumber

After our last beat down of Karen Gifford, you may have believed “She Can’t Be This Dumb” and you would have been 100% wrong.  

Karen Gifford went on a social media tear against The Humane Society International (HSI). With uncanny ability, she was able to dig deep to reached a level of stupidity, previously unknown to man.

Gifford cackled

“Why is HSI not doing more to help the Chinese activist??”

Gifford was going for the stupidity Olympics gold medal with her Dumb and Dumber double question marks. But her brand of stupid was far from over, as she continued.

Certainly their parent company HSUS has enough assets to put stop points at every entry to Yulin. And why is the “ban”only for the week prior???

When two simply would never do, Gifford took her question marks to a whole new level. She achieved rarified air by reaching the rarely visited by using the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest use of question marks.

But incredibly, she must have had a buy 1 get 3 Starbucks El Grande Coffees free, coupon because she still wasn’t finished.

Is it because the week before is when all the activist usually come to begin protesting? Seems the onlyintent here is to keep media and disturbance to a minnimum so that after a weel prior goes by and less people show up, business can countinue as usual.

You would have thought her last statement used up a lifetime worth of dumb, but sucking fumes she was able to squeeze out one more.

Wendy Higgins, How can you use the words “Historic Ban” in your PR?

I would like to say it’s hard to drop 100 points off your IQ. But knowing it was my only hope to visit dumbville where KarenGifford and her family have resided for countless generations, I gave it my best shot.

Hitting myself in the head with a hammer over and over and over again. I was able to temporarily achieve the level of stupidity needed to understand Karen Gifford’s drivel.

Ok, Let’s try to unpack Karen Giffords nuggets of stupidom.

I know Karen previously had problems comprehending the word “Milestone” so “Historic” must be giving her one brain cell a real workout.

BTW, Karen, I checked with WebMD and they said if you feel your brain cell starts heating up. They suggested you try dunking your head in a bucket of cold water.

Make sure your head is completely submerged. I say 10-miuntes should solve all our … Damn, I mean your problems. No worries Karan, I checked with WebMD and they agreed with my cure.

First Up is, Karen Gifford asking:

Wendy Higgins, How can you use the words “Historic Ban?”

Beyond the obvious, a first ever ban of Dogmeat in Yulin. Even if it’s just the week before the festival starts is kind of historic. Can’t understand how Karen Gifford doesn’t appreciate this “Historic” language?

After all, Karen you were so excited after Marc Ching sent out his press release, you ran out to Cosco and bought the 36-pack of “D” batteries. Maybe draining all those bad boys, made you forgot what Marc Ching wrote in his own Press Release.

History-Making Animal Activist Marc Ching Makes Unprecedented Deal With One of South Korea’s Largest and Oldest Dog Meat Markets to Close Local Slaughterhouses

Even for a narcissistic, ego-maniacal ass like Marc Ching, this Headline should have been conceited enough. I mean who writes about themselves “History-Making Animal Activist.”

Please note: Speaking of history making after reading Marc Chings Press release. I proved you can throw up and piss your pants laughing at the same time.

But as history shows Marc Ching wasn’t done rewriting history when he added these historical beauties to his own press release:

  • Yesterday’s meeting between Ching and owner of Gupo Meat Market in South Korea ends with historic handshake and hope for the future
  • The historic agreement calls for the owners and association that run Gupo Meat Market, which has been slaughtering animals for more than a century, to not only close their dog meat slaughterhouses but all of them; including chicken, duck and rabbit slaughterhouses.
  • “this was the first time ever, someone has come asking how we can work together.” They called the day historic.

WOW! Not only the “History-Making” headline but three additional ‘historic‘ references. Dare I say this press release was historic in its use of “Historic.”

Question To Karen Gifford:

How many of these Gupo Market dog meat Butchers have closed in the first six months?

If you guess ZERO give that bitch another brain cell. So a pinky-Promise, no written agreement and zero slaughterhouses closed, seems to me a tad light on the historic part, don’t you think?.

In the end, I think we can all agree compared to Marc Ching’s ‘Jump the shark’ press release. Wendy Higgins is on pretty solid ground calling a first-time ever one-week Yulin dog meat ban as “historic.”

HSI 1 – Brainless Suck-Up Karen Gifford 0

Karen Giffords next gem of intelligence came was her asking.

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Marc Ching Attack Troll Karen Gifford Gets Even Dumber
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Marc Ching Attack Troll Karen Gifford Gets Even Dumber
After our last beat down of Karen Gifford, you may have believed "She Can't Be This Dumb" and you would have been 100% wrong.
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