Marc Ching and AHWF Denounces James Tsai

Marc Ching & James Tsai

For all his bluster about being Marc Ching’s Buddy. Animal Hope and Wellness left no doubt what they thought of James Tsai. USE #TONKA

James Tsai Needs Dominick Mezzapesa to give him some dap-min

Before we start we will be releasing at least  a few James Tsai stories on Friday, June 23rd. It will deal with James Tsai using a poor abused Great Dane named Tonka.

You can read part one here James Tsai Throws Tonka Under The Bus 

Before we start we must point out that in the Barf Barf Tsai post to the right, if he needs me to legitimize his “existence” then he is in serious trouble. May I recommend Jordan Peterson. He is the smartest man I know and he is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Mention my name he may give you a discount.


Now on to the story

We are doing a series exposing James Tsai on his sickening behavior and using a poor abused Great Dane named Tonka as a pawn. Again we will be exploring this in depth Friday. This story below just sets up James Tsai’s mental instability and his ability to lie.

Doing our research and sending out information request emails, yes even to Animal Hope and Wellness. Because on so many occasions James Tsai swore his love and devotion to Marc Ching. Tsai fawns over Marc Ching so much you would have thought Tsai picked out an engagement ring. Tsai must have really been depressed finding out that Marc Ching is happily married to a woman.

To the right, we also posted one of the many examples we have of James Tsai’s mentally deranged mind at work. His ability to compliment himself and lie in the face of facts rivals even Marc Ching.

Narcissist James Tsai Lies and an example of his delusional egotistical self love


The post that will break Tsai’s heart

Someone, I can’t say who because I was not given permission to do so. But you can take a guess as to whom after reading this screen shot of what Animal Hope and Wellness sent out in December 2016.

This little birdie made it clear in the past few days, that they despise James Tsai and believes him to be nothing more than a wannabe Marc Ching.

According to this source which would shock you if you knew who it was. This person considers Tsai a leech and is desperately seeking the love and attention he can’t get from women. So he relies on his right hand and the Marc Ching’s cult to provide it for him.

James Tsai goes on Karen Giffords Facebook page and throws out exactly what he thinks they want to hear. Of course, the Ching zombies send him hearts and kisses. Rumor has it Tsai prints out these screenshots and at night when he is alone. In bed. Next, to his nightstand that has a lamp, his car keys, a box of tissues and almost entirely used jar of Vaseline, he reads them to himself in his dog whispering voice.


Amazing Hypocrisy

James Tsai is known for only three things.

  1. His”jump the shark” ability to declare to the world how great and wonderful he is.
  2. Attacking women online. Probably his lame attempt to compensate for his short cummings. If he needs to lash out for any lack of manhood, leave the women alone. Go yell at God.  It was his fault that at the moment James Tsai came down the assembly line, God declared they were over budget and needed to make drastic cuts to one particular area of the make anatomy.
  3. Claiming that every animal activist organization is doing something illegal and stealing money without offering the slightest proof. Amazingly the same Marc Ching cult who claims I should not attack Marc Ching because it only hurts the dogs. Send hearts and kisses to this fool. Here are just a few of the dozens if not hundreds of Mini-me in the pants Tsai attacks. The cults hypocrisy in their attacks on me is blatant because the look they praise Tsai’s attacks on rescue organization who were on the front lines every day, while Marc Ching was still playing drop the soap with Bubba in a California prison shower.


Click on picture to open gallery and see larger pics


Unfortunately For Tsai

This is the screenshot from a person whom many know, many admire and you would say WTH? If you knew the source. BTW that thumping sound you hear is the Marc Ching, Animal Hope and Wellness bus rolling over James Tsai’s dead body.

Marc Ching throws Tsai Under the bus

Please visit us on Friday, June 23rd and get all the information on saving Tonka from being thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. These stories will be serious because what James Tsai is doing to Tonka is as serious as it gets.

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Marc Ching and AHWF Denounces James Tsai
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Marc Ching and AHWF Denounces James Tsai
For all his bluster about being Marc Ching Buddy. Animal Hope and Wellness left no doubt what they thought of James Tsai.
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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  2. Hello! I’ve been following your website for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  3. This guy James Tsai has a criminal record and also served time in Wilkinson Road Prison for motor vehicle infractions. He has also been convicted for utter death threats and assault. And he has been charged recently regarding animal abuse. Check out the BC Government online Criminal Record search. It’s free.

    He has numerous civil litigation claims involving ICBC motor vehicle accident claims.

    This guy is a true sociopath.

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