Marc Ching Hypocrisy

Marc Ching Hypocrite Convicted Kidnapper

Months before we would expose Marc Ching’s criminal history of Robbery, Assualt, and Kidnapping, but long after the Daily Mail article that showed due to Marc Ching’s incompetence.

Up to 700 of the 1,000 dogs, he claimed to have rescued died. No matter how much we expose him, it is something to this day he continues to lie about and still refuses, to tell the truth.

In a post written on 1/5/2017  Marc Ching was angry about someone who Kidnapped a dog, and while he has the evidence was upset that the person refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. Marc Ching was so upset that the truth wasn’t being told. In this post, he became the world biggest Kidnapping, hypocrite Liar.

  • His post is at the end of this story it is up to you if you want to read it before reading our story.

Not knowing 5 months later we would expose his kidnapping conviction that he was trying desperately to hide. This story is based on what we believe Marc Ching was thinking (or not thinking) when he wrote this post.

As the new year, still, very much in its infancy, struggled to find it’s footing. Marc Ching’s heart filled with the confidence that had forsaken him since those dark days of late November.

Marc Ching was in deep thought as he opened the door that leads from his living space to the garage. Reminiscing about the past and of a path that seemed so clear. Since that fateful November day, just over a month earlier, The path had become lost to him. But now he could finally see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Since that fateful November day, just over a month earlier, The path had become lost to him. But now he could finally see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

He remembered back to when he had burst onto the scene just over a year before. I was meteor so bright few dared turn their gaze upon me for fear it may blind them he laughed to himself. But as my truth spread across the globe, my sheep found me.

Soon my flock grew, and I was nearly unstoppable. Then without even giving me a warning, came a spawn from the devil himself. It’s hideous, vile form deeply embedded itself inside a news article.

Marc Ching thought about that moment when that Daily Mail article was published using information from that despicable malcontent Jeffrey Beri. Together they created a small, almost insignificant crack into his near perfect image.

A fleeting moment of satisfaction came across him. Yes, according to his lawyers there was no chance of winning, but the lawsuit felt good anyway. Just imagining the face of Beri receiving the lawsuit gave him a warmth, long since felt.

It was absolutely worth spending that donated money filing those papers, maybe I’ll file one against that witch, Deborah Hall as well.  Yea, she had nothing to do with it but I am sure she was the girl in that article, well, sure enough anyway.

That warm feeling was fleeting as the blackness, and gloom transverse across his vision once more when the name Dominick Mezzapesa seemed to be carried along by the cold, early January winds.

He despised him because he couldn’t file a lawsuit against the truth. So all he could do was wait for that one mistake. He felt his frustration building just thinking of that Maleficent man. He hated knowing while never far from his grasp, he somehow always stayed out of reach.

NO! Marc Ching screamed out.

Looking cautiously around, he turned his ear toward the slightly a jarred door. Unsure if his rage was spoken aloud. He turned to spy any movement to his outburst. The moments past and when no sounds of stirring arose from his wife upstairs, he let out a small breath that he unconsciously held.

Confident that his brief explosion of anger went undiscovered. Marc Ching resumed his quest to find, that which had been so wrongfully stolen from him.

Except for those two and a few others on Twitter, like @MarcChingTruth  nobody had really exposed the secrets that he held.  So vile were they, that he tried his best to shun it from the light and even hide them from his own consciousness.

For over a year he carefully weaved a tale of lies and deception but these were necessary to reach his end goals. His dreams were too big for ordinary people to grasp. If they could see what he saw they would understand. But it mattered little the “tall tales” I told was so intricate, the pattern so detailed, he thought would be impossible to untangle.

As with all “impossibles.” It’s only impossible until somebody does it.

In this tapestry of lies that is Marc Ching’s life, the Daily Mail loosen, but one single thread. For a few moments, after it published Marc Ching grew concerned, but on that day his flock gathered around to defend their dear leader.

With his sheep, now transformed into a cult of vicious wolves. Their attacks against those that wished Marc Ching ill, brought him renewed strength. He said to himself. “What was the beloved Marc Ching to fear from one loose strand in a tapestry 37 years in the making?”

I wasn’t prepared for that miscreant troublemaker Dominick Mezzapesa and his damn site EndYulin2017 and Wildlife Planet when he pulled on that one thread. Soon that one thread turned to two, then three, then…

Stop it! Marc Ching scolded himself once more. I am Marc Ching, I am…

A cold blast of the wind from the opened garage door distracted his thoughts. Quietly Marc Ching resumed his quest to find that, which was the most important thing in his life.

He pushed away some unused Christmas wrappings. Stepping over the box of Holiday lights that his wife Linda keeps pestering him to put away when his Marcs eyes went wide with happiness.

Thoughts of websites, Italian mischief-makers, and British papers, vanished like apparitions recalled from this Earthly realm.  A smile played itself across his face. He had found, what had been missing for far too long.

At long last Marc Ching had reclaimed his soap box.

Reaching out, his fingers grazed his precious, and a shiver ran through his body as if struck by one of Zeus’s mighty lightning bolts.

The world would once again be right, as Marc Ching’s fingers firmly took hold of his mighty soap box. Pulling it out of the shadows that had for too long consumed it, his precious now bathed in the righteousness of his light.

Wiping away the dust and cobwebs that had accumulated on his cherished speaking platform.  A sly smile crossed his face as he thought to himself.  ‘Hello Old Friend,’ I missed you so much.

All the negativity from earlier seemed to melt away as the world would once again have the privilege to read the pain my soul endures when I am forced to order dogs tortured. Because if not for me sacrificing my soul then who would have known about Yulin?

Making his way back into his house, he seemed oblivious to his wife’s voice as it floated down from her upstairs dwellings. Her appreciation for finally putting away those holiday decorations was lost to ears consumed in the sound of his own ego.

But it seemed not all her words was lost. A single note incredulously sneaked through the massiveness of his ego because Marc Ching suddenly squeezed his soapbox tighter toward him. His eyes grew wide and cold filled with suspicion, fearful of anything that would ruin his moment.

Clutching his precious he tried to block out any outside distraction. As if anything could have invaded this moment of pure unadulterated love for himself.

Marc Ching strolled confidently toward his computer. With each step closer it seemed the haze, that made his path forward vague, was now fading away.

Sitting down at his computer, the moment his feet made contact with his soapbox the world instantly brightened.

The early morning sun broke through the month’s long malaise that had fallen upon his life. Marc Ching shoulders grew tall, a smile broadly played across his face as his fingers danced merrily across his keyboard.

A small giggle of delight escaped his lips as lines filled the screen with his delusions of grandeur. The words would become part of the world’s historical document.

Marc Ching was overjoyed with the knowledge that 5-months from now someone from New York City, no further than that, Long Island could look upon my words and they would know the truth.

As he chanced a look outside through his desk’s window, Marc Ching unconsciously said ‘Wow.”

Even the world so long smothered in dull foreboding Grays were once again, colorful and bright. It was as if God himself was sending Marc Ching a message by turning the color dial up to 11. Taking this as his blessing he fingers leaped across his keyboard with unbound merriment.

They were kidnapped from their family.

This first sentence brought his world back into focus. I am so outraged that this person kidnapped a dog. How dare they Marc Ching’s mind screamed out.

He was aghast at the dog’s owners as he wrote “While you had the evidence” his mind filled with the contempt he held. “In the end, you failed!”

His finger threatened to break the keyboard, as slammed down hard. It was as if Marc Ching was trying his best to give more meaning to his exclamation point.

Trying his best to find the words that would do justice to the betrayal they did to this poor animal, Marc Ching typed “Instead of working to seek truth… you bury it”

Marc Ching hadn’t had these feelings for so long. Every since that bastard on Long Island started calling him a Hypocrite. How dare he? Me. Marc Ching. A Narcissistic Hypocrite?

He tried to calm himself. The anger from this poor innocent animal being Kidnapped, made his blood boil with anger. Taking a deep breath he continued with his post.

“People who do these things” assaulting an innocent being with a deadly weapon, Robbing them, taking that which they have no right to possess. Worse, stealing their freedom and bargaining that freedom for mere trinkets.

How dare anyone deny a person’s freedom.  Kidnapping, robbery, an assault! He thought, long and hard before writing “These things lead to the Dark Side.’ Wait I can’t use my inner Yoda. I need to write this from my views, and mine alone.

Tapping on the backspace quickly, Marc leaned back in his chair, the words Kidnapping, Assualt, robbery played over and over through his brain. “What do these words mean to me?” he pondered. He bolted forward, as his mind grasped onto the answer.

Fear of losing his thought, he quickly typed out “People who do these things to animals, they hurt children and abuse others..” the two periods he hoped would convey how much he believed, that those who commit these hateful acts will eventually end.

How Can Anyone Deny My Compassion?

No one can, that’s who.  Marc wrote “I gave you a chance at truth.” shaking his head at how that kidnapping, dog killing bastard remained silent.

Marc thought to himself. How can anyone hide? I gave them proof of his crimes and instead of being a man, he denied it even more.

Anger built inside his soul, as he remembered all those who called him a slanderer and a liar. I’ll show them he spat. They won’t be able to hide from this he thought to himself.

Victorville Sheriff Office. Number: 760-552-6800 option 2 Sergent Lonnie Siebert, animal abuse task force. Case Number – #1602705

He sat back and grinned at his brilliance. “Yes” he screamed, this time he didn’t worry if he used his inside voice.

These Kidnapping, torturous bastards. They killed a dog and then they tried to hide it from the world. They tried burying the truth, hiding behind family, friends, and co-workers who repeated excuses built out of swiss cheese.

But no matter where they went I would expose them. They could be sitting on a beach in Hawaii and me, Marc Ching one lone person would be telling the truth.

Oh my God is I brilliant.

They can’t even say I’m lying because I put the case number and I only speak the truth. Well, most of the time.

Some will cry it’s just one dog, it’s not like they were responsible for hundreds of deaths? It’s not like they lied to cover up hundreds of thousands of dollars in missing money?

Marc Ching shook his head at this nonsense. One dog is the same as 100. Every life matters that’s why I, Marc Ching has written this post because the #truth is the only thing that matters. No one should ever be allowed to lie, or cover up the truth.

Reading the post once more Marc Ching was amazed at his brilliance. “Linda” he screamed “come quickly”

“What? What? she said as she came running into the room, her eyes wide with fear.

Marc Ching pointed to the screen and said: “Look at what I wrote.”

“You’re an ass” hitting him with the dish towel she was holding “The way you screamed, I thought something happened to the kids

“Oh please just read it,” Marc said ignoring her over reaction.

Linda bent down and started reading, Marc Ching was almost giddy because she seemed to read parts twice, even thrice. “man it must be good if she’s taking this long” looked at him with a perplexed look

Lind stood up, saying nothing she looked at him with a perplexed look

“What?” Marc replied.

“You’re going to publish this?” she asked.

“What do you mean “Gonna” I did already,” he said

Linda walked away silently shaking her head.

“Man, women are nuts, ” Marc Ching thought. This was brilliant. Maybe it was just too hard for her to understand.

But on second thought, you know maybe she’s right.

I need a brilliant line.  Because this will absolutely go viral, I mean how could it not? I need something to show what a brilliant writer I am and the pain of my heart when I find kidnappers or people responsible for dogs dying and they hide from the truth.

But I need something to show what a brilliant writer I am. It has to show the pain of my heart . I should make a video because then they could see how emotional I get about animal kidnappers. They’ll she how much I suffer when I see people who are responsible for dogs dying and then they hide from the truth.

Marc sat back for a few minutes. I can’t use #truth because I told Suki Su to use that one. He almost laughed out loud about all the lies in her post. Yea I may have told her to write #Truth in every sentence, but I’m not to blame for all the lies. She typed it, well… he snickered. We’ll she posted it, anyway. The bottom line is I didn’t type it.

Thinking long and hard his face lite up and quickly hitting the edit button on the post adding “Light found inside truth” Marc was overjoyed at his brilliant poetry. OMG It so good I think CNN or someone will absolutely call me

Speaking of which, let me call Monson and see if he needs any more slaughterhouse film. I really, really hate going there, pretending I am some rich American, ordering the torture of dogs and then filming it for our upcoming documentary.

But if Monson needs it I guess I’ll have to suffer the pain. But I really do hate it. It’s such a long plane ride, and my legs really cramp up something fierce.

Here is the original post was written by and posted by Marc Ching, Convicted Kidnapper, and man who was responsible for hundreds of dog deaths at the 2016 Yulin Festival.

Marc Ching Kidnapping


Marc Ching Hypocrisy
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Marc Ching Hypocrisy
Marc Ching A convicted Kidnapper who won't tell the truth100's Yulin Festival Dogs deaths Wrote a Posts Condemning a Dog Kidnapper who won't tell the truth
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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