Marc Ching

Exposing Marc Ching and His Criminal History and His Exploitation of Innocent Dogs.

Wildlife Plant and End Yulin 2017 exposes Marc Ching the Narcissistic founder of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF) as a self-promoting fraud. We expose his Alledged Criminal History and his arrest for Assualt with a Deadly Weapon, Robbery, and Kidnapping. After pleading Guilty he was sentenced to an 11-year jail term.

Just days before the 2016 Yulin Dog Meat Festival was due to start, he orchestrated a celebrity appeal. That Hollywood Plea Brought In Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To His Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation.

Using that money to BUY Yulin dog’s and claiming he “Rescued” them.  Every legitimate rescue operation refuses to buy dog’s because in the end it only enriches the butchers and drives the price higher.

After a whole 4-1/2 day’s he returned to Los Angeles. Pre-planned articles declared him “The Man Who Saved 1,000 Dogs From Yulin.”

Except for Wildlife Planet, EndYulin2017, The Daily Mail and a few others, it seems like, not one reporter asked: “How you can rescue 1,000 dogs in less than 5 days?”

Marcching  toward the #Truth

Since then, Wildlife Planet and End Yulin 2017 have written over two dozen articles exposing him and AHWF as liars and frauds. Our biggest story by far has been the exposing of his Criminal History. Allegedly in 2000 he was arrested for Assualt with a deadly weapon, Robbery, and Kidnapping. In 2001 after pleading guilty to Kidnapping he was sentenced to an 11-year prison term.

Yulin Festival Dog, Cat Rescuing Hypocrites

Yulin Festival Dog and Cat Rescuing Hypocrites 5/5 (2)

Just when you thought you witnessed all the hypocrisy Marc Ching and his followers could muster... They become even bigger Hypocrites A FEW examples of Marc ...
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Marc Ching Proves There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute

May 26th Proves Convicted Felon Marc Ching a Con-Man, Liar and Fraud

On May 26th, 2017 Marc Ching the Convicted Felony Kidnapper proves he is nothing more than a Con-Man, Liar, and Fraud. Many will say that ...
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Marc Ching Lies Claimed To Have Saved 5,000 Dogs at 2017 Yulin Festival

Marc Ching Says He Saved 5000 Dogs at 2017 Yulin Festival

In one of the sickest things, I have ever read Marc Ching claims he saved at least 5,000 dogs from being slaughtered at the 2017 Yulin ...
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Marc Ching Flies away From Yulin Festival

Marc Ching Flies Home Abandoning His Yulin Festival Rescue Dogs Again

The More things Change The More they stay the same. Marc Ching As He Did in 2016 Flies back To the United States completely Abandoning ...
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Marc Ching Scam Day 5-min

Day 5 Marc Ching Scams Donations From Yulin Rescue?

Chinese Animal Activist Saved 1200 dogs From The Yulin Festival. Marc Ching trying desperately to Scams Money To Try and Steal Headlines Marc Ching and ...
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Marc Ching Dunce Cap

Did Marc Ching Sell His “Rescued” Dogs Back To The Slaughterhouses?

A Source claims at the 2016 Yulin Festival some of the dogs Marc Ching Rescued were sold back to the slaughterhouses the moment Marc Ching ...
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Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness

Marc Ching Where are the Donations For Yulin Rescue 1200?

Chinese Animal Activist Saved 1200 dogs From The Yulin Festival. Then Marc Ching tried to Con the Rescue Group Out Of Donations He Had No ...
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Marc Ching Picture Goes Viral

Marc Ching Picture Goes Viral in Yulin, China

It seems one of our Marc Ching Pictures Has Gone viral all over Yulin and Chinese Social media.  Unfortunately, I really could care less about self-promotion ...
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Yulin Festival Dog Meat Ban Revisionist History

Yulin Festival Dog Meat Ban Revisionist History

Marc Ching Revisionist History claims it's all HSI and Peter Li's fault for spreading false rumors. He is so arrogant he can't see his own ...
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Marc Ching & James Tsai

Marc Ching and AHWF Denounces James Tsai

For all his bluster about being Marc Ching's Buddy. Animal Hope and Wellness left no doubt what they thought of James Tsai. USE #TONKA Before we ...
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Vincent Sena FaceBook Tough Guy

Facebook Tough Guy Vincent Sena Threatens Us

Vincent Sena another Marc Ching Cult Facebook tough-guy. He wanted to be famous,  so we obliged this cockroach who came crawling out to issue his ...
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Marc Ching #SMHMarcching

Marc Ching Buying Dogs In Yulin, AGAIN

Marc Ching wanted to gain celebrity status so bad, he bought 1,000 dogs at the 2016 Yulin Festival and claimed he 'Saved" them. But why is ...
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Hypocrite Animal Hope and Wellness Demands Truth From Humane Society and Duo Duo

Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundations Are Proven, Liars. Now They Demand HSI and Duo Duo, Tell The Truth? Marc Ching, AHWF, and ...
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Marc Ching How the Mighty Have Fallen

Delusional Marc Ching Says He Is the Only One In Yulin

Marc Ching is seriously Delusional. He actually believes he is the only rescue organization at the 2017 Yulin Festival. Marc Ching sent out a Facebook post ...
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Why You Dont Buy Dogs In Yulin, China

At the 2016 Yulin Festival, Marc Ching was full of himself. Everyone else knew he was just full of it. They told him not to ...
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Marc Ching Big Fail

Marc Ching Attacks Me Personally… BIG FAIL

I wanted to address this back child support judgment that Marc Ching and his cult are trying to use to discredit me. BIG FAIL! As if ...
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Marc Ching Yulin Festival Truth Project June 17

Marc Ching 2017 Yulin Festival Truth Project Updated 6/19

Marc Ching loves to demand "truth" from other organizations, So this series will document his 2017 Yulin Rescue. It is kind of hilarious when Marc ...
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is there less media at the Yulin festival

Is There Less Media Coverage at the 2017 Yulin Festival?

There are some rescue organizations claiming that the 2017 Yulin Festival media coverage is far less than in years past. But one has to look ...
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Marc Ching Summing up Karen Giffords attack on HSI

Marc Ching Cult Calls Out HSI

Karen Gifford The Hypocrite big mouth bass, botox overdosing mouthpiece for Marc Ching and his Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Runs her mouth and continually calls ...
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Karen Gifford Dumb and Dumber

Marc Ching Attack Troll Karen Gifford Gets Even Dumber

After our last beat down of Karen Gifford, you may have believed "She Can't Be This Dumb" and you would have been 100% wrong.   ...
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H.R. 1406 Bill Marc Ching

Did Marc Ching Ruin Any Chance For Bill H. Res 30 To Pass?

H. Res 30 formerly 752 (End Yulin Dog Meat Festival) - Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017 Will Not Come Up For ...
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No one wants Marc Chingin Yulin

Marc Ching Shut Up and Stay Home

Last year Marc Ching wanted no part of any other organization. After 7-months of getting exposed as a fraud now, he wants to join hands and ...
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Promises Promises Marc Ching Using Kids

Promises… Promises Part 2 – Kids Letters to Yulin Dogs

Marc Ching the Narcissistic Founder of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Loves To Promise Things - Part 2 Kids Letters To Yulin Time to call ...
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Congressman Kevin McCarthy Marc Ching

Congressman Kevin McCarthy Alerted To HR 1406 Convicted Kidnapper Marc Ching

EndYulin2017 has spoken to The Office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Alerted him of HR 1406 Meeting with Marc Ching, a Convicted Kidnapper, and Liar Congressman ...
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Marc Ching Promises Promises

Promises… Promises. Yulin, Dogs and Bravado Part 1

Marc Ching the Narcissistic Founder of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Loves To Promise Things - Part 1 Diamond and Sophia. Time to call him ...
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EndYulin2017 Slaps down Marc Ching and His Rabid Cult

Marc Ching and His Rabid Cult Are Smacked Down

After Turned on The Lights. Marc Ching and His Filthy Cult Led by Karen Gifford Scurried Away Like Cockroaches. See I told you. You can ...
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Rescue Organizations Exploiting Cats In Yulin Festival for Donations

Rescue Organizations Exploiting Cats In Yulin

The moment Yulin Festival Rescue Organizations claim "Animals" in your name, and you don't save Cats as you do Dogs. Then you are perpetuating a ...
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Marc Ching Failure

7-Months Ago I promised To Stop Marc Ching, I Failed

Last December when I started my crusade to expose Marc Ching, I swore I would stop him from setting foot in Yulin in 2017, I ...
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Four Pillar Production Lies

Four Pillar Productions Lied

Four Pillar Productions chose the wrong site to lie to. I believe we have demonstrated on numerous occasions that we do have the ability to uncover ...
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Marc Ching Hypocrite Convicted Kidnapper

Marc Ching Hypocrisy

Months before we would expose Marc Ching's criminal history of Robbery, Assualt, and Kidnapping, but long after the Daily Mail article that showed due to ...
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Caryn Liles Four_Pillars Guest Speakers Marc Ching-min

Caryn Liles Threatens Lawsuit Against End Yulin 2017

For the record, I can be made speechless on occasion. It's rare but it does happen. Today I received a letter Caryn Liles and it ...
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Hiow much did marc ching paid for 1,000 dogs? Marc Ching Tax Evasion

How Much Did Marc Ching Pay for 1,000 Yulin Festival Dogs

How much did Marc Ching pay for the 1,000 dogs he supposedly rescued in Yulin? Let's just say he never read Donald Trump's "The Art of ...
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Karen Gifford #NeverSexy Marc Ching

Did Karen Gifford Abuse Her Dog on Video?

The fact that this poor dog is forced to lay in between Kathy Gifford's, oops, I mean Karen Giffords legs constitutes Animal Cruelty. If no ...
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Karan Gifford AHWF

Karen Gifford and Marc Ching’s Crazy Cult

Marc Ching's cult, Lead by Karen Gifford, has shown how utterly absurd they are. They would rather see 650 dogs dies then see Jeffrey Beri ...
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susan Mcivor angry face

Triggered Marc Ching Supporters

We had to give a shout-out to Susan Mcivor. One of the few, who stood out among the many Dimwitted Triggered Marc Ching Supporters. In a ...
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Marc chings people would rather see 650 dogs die

They Would Rather See 650 Dogs Rescued From Yulin, Die

Filled with hate for telling the #Truth, Marc Ching's cult members hate Jeffrey Beri so much, they would rather see 650 dogs rescued from the Yulin ...
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Karan Gifford

Karen Gifford And The Crazy Marc Ching Cult

Marc Ching's cult, Lead by Karen Gifford, has shown how utterly absurd they are. They would rather see 650 dogs dies then see Jeffrey Beri ...
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Animal Hope and Wellness

AHWF Thanks Daily Express For Yulin Ban News We Published 9 Days ago

Marc Ching's Animal Hope and Wellness (AHWF) are not only incompetent at rescuing dogs, they can't even make fun of someone without making themselves look ...
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marc ching did something good

Marc Ching Did Something Good

Yes, you heard me right, something Marc Ching actually had a hand in, turned out good for the dogs in Yulin. I never thought the ...
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Reporters dishonesty about the Yulin Dog Meat Ban

Yulin Dog Meat Ban Dishonest Media

Lisa Vanderpump and Marc Ching are the poster child for what is wrong with the media's dishonest coverage of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. When ...
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Marc Ching

Marc Ching’s Kidnapping Conviction

Animal Hope and Wellness Founder, Marc Ching hid his Felony Kidnapping Conviction, and Prison sentence rather than risk his chance at stardom and donations For ...
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Lisa Shapiro Pollination Project Award

Marc Ching A Non-Vegan Wins Pollination Project Vegan Award

The Pollination Project To Knowingly Present A Half-Hearted Vegan Like Marc Ching, Their  Vegan Hero Award was Reprehensible We can't say the discovery of Marc Ching ...
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Marc Ching

Marc Ching Kidnapping Conviction

Marc Ching would rather lie than risk his chance at stardom and/or donations, but to Hide His Kidnapping Conviction Is Something far Different. For the ...
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Is the Yulin Ban Real We have Our Doubts

Don’t Believe The China Bans Dog Meat in Yulin Story

On June 21st, the Hideous Yulin Festival is set to open. Today, May 18th stories are claiming "China bans dog meat in Yulin" at ...
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Marc Ching Yulin

The Marc Ching Awareness Myth

Marc Ching's Claim that he saved 1,000 dogs and brought worldwide awareness to the Yulin Festival is nothing more than a myth and an absolute ...
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NTD.TV Should be Embarrassed

NTD.TV Embarrasing Story

It came as quite a shock to see NTD.TV publishing a story, this morning, May 15, 2017, about Marc Ching rescuing 1,000 dogs from the ...
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Marc Ching Volunteers

Marc Ching Sued Yulin Festival Volunteers

Marc Ching asked volunteers to join him in China. End Yulin and Wildlife Planet has to wonder, will he sue them as he did to last years ...
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Axis of Evil

Animal Activists Axis of Evil

"The Animal Activist Axis of Evil" I Stand With My Pack, Vanderpump Dogs and Animal Hope and Wellness, care more about enriching themselves, than actually ...
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Yulin Dog Festival Three Stooges

The Three Stooges of Yulin

Months ago Marc Ching joined forces with another wannabe celebrity Lisa Vanderpump, But now the Dynamic Duo of Dimwits, have joined up with ISWMP. Our favorite ...
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Marc Ching and Shaun Monson

Monson, Ching Orders Yulin Dogs Tortured For Documentary

Everything came together when one of our sources gave us the name, Shaun Monson. A few months ago we wrote an article "Why Marc Ching ...
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Marc Ching, HSI

Marc Ching and AHWF Backstabs HSI

Marc Ching and AHWF keeps crying that animal rescue organizations need to work together, Then The Stab HSI in the Back The legitimate organization refuses ...
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Marc Ching Microchip initiative doomed to fail

Marc Ching’s Microchip Program Is Idiotic

The China Microchip Canine Initiative Marc Ching Announced  won't save one dog from being slaughtered in Yulin In the past, we have heard of rescue ...
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Marc Ching Lies #1

With dogs dying by the dozen in his 2016 Yulin Festival Rescue, Marc Ching sent out a message claiming "I never came to Yulin to ...
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Marc Ching Slavery Comments

Slavery Was A “Tradition” According to Marc Ching

Marc Ching Claims 'Slavery a Tradition' in Susan Abram's, L.A. Daily News Article Please Note: The abhorrent practice of slavery spans the world, as well ...
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Marc Ching Dishonesty Exposed

The Dishonesty of Marc Ching Laid Bare

This series chronicles Marc Ching's dishonesty and his inability, to tell the truth in order to achieve the Stardom he so desperately seeks. Many of ...
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marc-ching-is-a narcissist

Valarie Ianniello Voicemail Outs Marc Ching

Leaked Voicemail From Valarie Ianniello, Executive Director of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Exposes The Real Marc Ching Marc Ching Claimed "He is the man ...
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Marc Ching

What Did Marc Ching Spend $300,000 in Donation On?

Despite Marc Ching Claiming He Shut down 6 Yulin Slaughterhouses, He Shut Down ONE! It would seem Marc Ching has an additional talent other than ...
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Marc Ching Convicted Felon

Marc Ching Guilty Of Kidnapping

Marc Ching would rather lie than risk his chance at stardom and/or donations, but to Hide His Kidnapping Conviction Is Something far Different. For the ...
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