Yulin Dog Meat Ban Dishonest Media

Reporters dishonesty about the Yulin Dog Meat Ban

Lisa Vanderpump and Marc Ching are the poster child for what is wrong with the media’s dishonest coverage of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

When will the Dishonest Media start calling out Lisa Vanderpump? When will they ask Marc Ching about his being charged with Robbery, Assualt with a deadly weapon, Kidnapping and being sentenced to 11 years in prison?

Vanderpump and Ching are the perfect examples of why only 6% of the United States trusts our news organizations.

People often wonder why I go after such vile creatures like Vanderpimp and Ching. The answer is simple. I am a man misplaced in time. A prisoner in a world where truth and honor are something to be trotted out, only when it’s convenient.

Sports = Truth

I am 54 and God willing, my time on this planet will be short. Growing up my heroes were Tom Seaver, Len Dawson, and Bryan Trottier. My heroes were sports based because to me, sports was pure. You could never hide from the truth in sports because the numbers never lie.

Bill Parcell who coached the NY Football Giants once said: “you are what your record says you are.”

If a reporter wrote, “Jones stinks, he’s getting paid all this money and hitting just .199. He’s a bum.”  The player, when asked for a response, could say nothing. Yes, he could claim injuries or any number of excuses, but they never do, why? Athletes understand their words would be meaningless to fans. When he steps up to the plate and “Batting .199” blazes across the outfield scoreboard, there is nothing he can say.

At one time the media was the 4th estate, supposedly they were to be the public’s watchdogs.  Now, outside the bubble of sports, there is no longer any truth.  The media is a far cry from the days of Walter Cronkite, who was once called “the most trusted man in America.”

The most important thing in the news today is the art of spinning. If you lack morals and ethics, you’ll do well in this day and age. The more shallow you are, the richer you shall be. The only person I believe I can trust is Tucker Carlson, years ago maybe Anderson Cooper, but his “Keeping them honest” days have long since past.

Amazingly, Vanderpump and Ching supporters unable to face facts, angrily write me. “You’re taking down this great person because you want to make money off of them” their whiney accusations are steeped in irony.

In the case of Lisa Vanderpump and Marc Ching. I rarely go after those who write their puff pieces. They are irrelevant fecal matter floating in the sea of swill.

A Week of Yulin News and Not a Peep.

It’s been 6 days since the Yulin 7-day dog meat ban was massively misreported as a ban that would close the Yulin festival. We did not report the story that way, while many were celebrating the ban, we were questioning the media’s stupidity.

Before the big, not so big Yulin news broke, we reported that in 2000, Marc Ching was charged with Robbery, Assualt with a deadly weapon, and Kidnapping. Also the 11-year prison sentence he received in 2001. Amazingly we have not heard from any reporter. We have not read one story. Not even a whisper of outrage from anyone. We will have more on this later.

Laura Rosenfeld – Bravo

So-called ‘writers,’ and I use that term very loosely, pen their homage to these narcissist’s and believe they are true authors.  Laura Rosenfeld scribes for the on-line rag magazine Bravo. Rosenfeld, like all bottom feeders of this world, is being told what to write and they do it, verbatim.

This week Rosenfeld did her masters bidding by obediently writing “Lisa has worked tirelessly to put an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, organizing a march in protest through Los Angeles.”  This march took place on October 4, 2015.  A real reporter or journalist asks “That was over 2-1/2 years ago, where does the ‘Tirelessly’ part fit in?”

Kara Brown – Jezebel

Kara Brown another simpleton with a pen, is spinning her way through life at Jezebel. She undoubtedly will point to her diploma as proof that she was indeed a journalist. I care little about where she learned her trade, because like in sports, the numbers, or in this case, the words tell us what you are.

Kara Brown’s article, in my mind, is unequaled for its ineptitude. When Brown wrote, “She did it!  Lisa Vanderpump and her pink encrusted activism have ended the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.” Only to add a few sentences later. “Of course, we can’t give Lisa all the credit. I’m sure plenty of other hardworking activists were involved. But I also have no clue who else to thank because I’ve never heard anyone besides this woman utter a word about Yulin.” Does that also include Vanderpimps partner John Sessa?

When a layman such as I, can see this level of mind-numbing, feeble-mindedness. I can’t imagine what the professor who taught her must be thinking. I am sure the name Kara Brown will not appear anywhere on his or her resume.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

It is one thing to wax poetic or be a stooge for Lisa Vanderpump, but to announce to the world your ignorance is something altogether different.

In the same article, Ms. Brown wrote, “I am happy for all those who worked to end the event because it really does sound unpleasant.”

I have written close to 500 stories that in some form or another touched upon Yulin or the dog meat trade in general. And in those 60,000 words, The word ‘unpleasant’ has never once entered into my thoughts, and for good reason.

When writing about a festival where a dog’s legs get sawed off, while it screams in pain. ‘Unpleasant’ is not only the last word I would choose, it would not even appear in my dictionary.  As evidenced by her ‘Unpleasant’ comment and claiming never to have heard a single soul talk about Yulin. I can only conclude that Ms. Brown knows nothing about Yulin, but wrote about it anyway.

I have never, for one moment been ashamed of my grammatically challenged writing. Never having graduated the 11th grade, I nevertheless am proud of my accomplishments.

I can say with confidence that if Ms. Brown’s body of work is placed side by side with mine. Diploma or not, I would be the one they call a journalist.

Knowing where to place a comma, or receiving a piece of parchment from a University, does not make you a journalist.

Colleen Thornhill – Fordham University – The Observer

Now comes the piece-de-resistance. Colleen Thornhill hilariously calls herself the Editor-in-Chief at Fordham University’s school paper the Observer.

This ‘Editor-in-Chief’ is a marvelous example of how the United States Educational system is failing so spectacularly. People who believe that a piece of paper makes them qualified, respected and important should be taken out to the woodshed.

According to Wikipedia, the typical responsibilities of editors in chief include:

  • Fact checking, spelling, grammar, writing style, page design, and photos
  • Rejecting writing that appears to be plagiarized, ghostwritten, published elsewhere, or of little interest to readers

There is only one occasion where my name Dominick Mezzapesa and the word ‘Journolist’ appears next to it.

  1. It’s when I need the protection that being a ‘Journalist’ affords me. I am not being dishonest when calling myself a Journalist. Having written close to 1,200 articles. I also, with a great deal of help from a true editor, written five novels. One is under my name Savage Earth: The Last Sister Planet. Four others I have ghostwritten. According to my editor, “I am a great storyteller.” But after witnessing first hand the carnage I can inflict upon the English language. She forbid me to ever call myself an author unless I point out that I hired an editor.

Ms. Thornhill, writing for OK Magazine opined, “Lisa Vanderpump has saved the dogs! After nearly three years of protesting against the Yulin Festival, during which dogs are brutally killed and cooked, Lisa learned that China has banned the sale of dog meat at this year’s annual event.”

Fordham Must be Proud

Fordham University one of the finest schools of higher learning in the United States, should be ashamed of themselves for declaring Thornhill an Editor-in-Chief. The previous paragraph should be enough for The Observer to rescind any titles they have bestowed upon her.

Fact Checking is one of the main responsibilities for an Editor-In-Chief. Fact: Dog Meat was NOT banned from the Festival. The 7-day ban will tentatively start on June 15th. This would mean, the ban runs from June 15th through the 21st.

The Yulin Festival is a 10-day event that starts on June 21st. So Ms. Thornhill, Editor-In-Chief, and fact checking snob, “How in the hell is Dog Meat Banned at this year’s Yulin festival?

While we are on the subject “How exactly did Vanderpimp save the dogs?” in your own words “She learned about the ban” presumably from the Duo Duo and HSI announcement. You would think someone who closed down a hideous festival such as Yulin would be front and center as far as information goes.

Colleen Thornhill is nothing more than a trite little parrot, on par with my generations carbon paper. Ms. Thornhill should have ‘FAX’ tattooed across her forehead. She is nothing more than a tool, an instrument who has only one useful purpose in life.

When creatures such as Lisa Vanderpump crawl out of their slime filled pond. They call on the Colleen Thornhill’s of the world, whenever the need arises to have whatever she recites, turned into written word.

Never look down on people

The one thing your little article did accomplish, was to spit in the face of hundreds of volunteers. These people are and have been on the ground helping dogs and cats in Yulin. They know Lisa Vanderpimp is a clueless leech, who talks out her ass.

By failing to do even the most minimal fact checking that any decent Editor-In-Chief would do. You denounced the great work done by organizations like Duo Duo, HSI, Soi Dog and so many others.

These are the people that will help bring an end to the Dog Meat trade, NOT Lisa Vanderpump who according to you, closed it already.

Some may claim that it was only little captions and not a real story.  That is just semantics because no matter how many or how few words you write, they all must be truthful.

I am sure Vanderpump’s people who wrote me the other day, ordering me to close my site (I’m still open BTW) or face being sued will write. “He is writing about Vanderpimp to make money.”  So far this month I am averaging 46-1/2 cents a day from my site, so there goes that theory.

If Not Money… Then Why?

I write because it seems no one else tells the truth.

I write because organizations would love to tell Marc Ching that he is a reckless convicted felon. Please take your lying ass out of Yulin, you caused enough death last year.

I write because organizations want to tell Vanderpump and her fake nails, her saggy body and her dressed up dog SHUT UP!  Also take your “I closed the Yulin Festival” lies, and crawl back into the hole you slimed out of.

I write because someone must say NO, THIS BITCH DIDN’T!

I write because people and organization can’t say the things they want to. Unlike these two, they put the dogs and volunteers before their own self-interests.

I write because someone who placed their life on hold and volunteered to go to Yulin with Marc Ching. Only to watch him leave 4-1/2 days after he arrived, while they stayed for months.

I write because people who answered Marc Ching’s pleas for help, only to get sued by Marc Ching for telling the truth about why 100’s of dogs horrible died.

I write for the poor dogs Marc Ching asked butchers to torture so he could film it. And the documentary he will profit off of.

I write because there is a person at this very moment, clutching a paw of a dog who will be gone by the time you finish reading this sentence. Only to read Lisa Vanderpump was the only one speaking out against Yulin.

I write because of Thornhill and her ilk. Writing sentences like “Lisa Vanderpump and her pink encrusted activism has ended the Yulin Dog Meat Festival”

I write because Vanderpump put more time and effort coordinating Giggy’s three-piece suit. Then she does saving dogs and cats in Yulin.

I write because Marc Ching Says “I” when things go right and “We” when they don’t.

I write because everyone says “Marc Ching is the sweetest guy” but I have never known a “sweet guy” getting charged with Robbery, Assualt with a deadly weapon and Kidnapping. Then getting sentenced to an 11-year prison term.

I write because “reporters” never question Vanderpump or Ching.

I write because the media can’t hear the frustrated screams coming from Yulin… But I can.




Yulin Dog Meat Ban Dishonest Media
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Yulin Dog Meat Ban Dishonest Media
The Media's Dishonest Coverage of the Yulin Dog Meat Ban - Laura Rosenfeld, Bravo, Colleeen Thornhill, Fordham, The Observer, Kara Brown, Ok Magazine All Sucking up to Lisa Vanderpump
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Wildlife Planet and End Yulin
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