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On this page, we will be publishing what we consider our best articles from Wildlife Planet. Wildlife Animals and Dogs, Cats, Animal abuse is similar. These animal rights violations are happening in many of the same countries.

So to give you a taste of what Wildlife Planet is all about you can see some of our work from our sister site.

This also gives us an opportunity to expand our base as well as keep you updated on a breaking news.

Wildlife Planet wildlifeplanet.net 

Wildlife Planet has The latest News, Videos, and Pictures about our planet’s wildlife animals.

Our site sections cover.

  • Big Cats – Big Cat is typically referred to any of the Big Four, Our Big Cat Section Covers leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, and similar cats

    Elephants – 96 African elephants are killed each day by poachers. Lust for ivory products makes the illegal ivory trade extremely profitable. Only are 400,000 left

    Lions –  Nicknamed “the king of the jungle” The Lion is renowned for its majesty, beauty and strength. Mature male lions are unique due to their manes.

    Rhinos – Rhinos once roamed throughout Eurasia and Africa, today few rhinos survive due to poaching for Traditional Chinese Medicine fake cures.

    Tigers – There were once nine subspecies of Tigers: Bengal, Siberian, Indochinese, Chinese, Sumatran, Malayan. Three of These are Now Extinct.

Additional sections cover.

  • Wildlife News – There are many news stories and videos on the web. And They don’t always deals with big name animals. Wildlife Planet believes they are just as important. So we will place those stories on this page.
  • Pictures & Videos – Our Collection Of Animal & Pet Videos. We Update This Page With Videos All The Time So, Check Back Often And Enjoy!
  • Only Good News – If The Everyday Bad News Against Animals & Pets starts getting to you. Then This Page Is For You. Only Good Inspirational Stories Pictures & Videos are Published.
  • Wildlife Animal Bio’s – Learning About Animals Is Great Fun. Whether It’s Endangered African Animals. or Other Wild Animals. Our Planet Offers Us So Many Amazing Types Of Animals To Learn About.

Please visit our sister site Wildlife Planet.We have over 1200 pages of content. We are sure you’ll find many interesting stories there. Thanks from your friends at EndYulin2017.com


Animal House TV

Animal House TV Fraudulently Raised $45k For Bandung Zoo Sun Bears 5/5 (4)

In our original story on Bandung Zoo Sun Bears, we failed to connect Rebecca Rodriquez and Dr. Dan Allen to their Animal House TV pilot. In our story about the ...
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sun bears

Animal Activist Exploit Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo

There is an old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Today we need to update that saying to "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks" Having exposed some ...
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Marc Ching Lies Claimed To Have Saved 5,000 Dogs at 2017 Yulin Festival

Marc Ching Says He Saved 5000 Dogs at 2017 Yulin Festival

In one of the sickest things, I have ever read Marc Ching claims he saved at least 5,000 dogs from being slaughtered at the 2017 Yulin Dog Festival in China. Marc ...
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Is it ethical to kill wildlife animal poachers and traffickers

Is It Ethical To Kill Wildlife Animal Poachers?

Countries, and Wildlife Animal sanctuaries, have turned to trained militia to fight fire-with-fire in order to save Endangered Species from Extinction. A Rhino horn is worth more pound for pound ...
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The Demise of Buenos Aires Eco Parque Zoo

The Forgotten Animals of Eco Parque

If residents of Buenos Aires listen carefully they can hear the symphony of noise emanating from behind the once grand walls of Eco Parque. In one of the most heavily congested areas of ...
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