Yulin Festival Dog and Cat Rescuing Hypocrites

Yulin Festival Dog, Cat Rescuing Hypocrites

Just when you thought you witnessed all the hypocrisy Marc Ching and his followers could muster… They become even bigger Hypocrites

A FEW examples of Marc Ching the founder of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF) and their cult members being Yulin Festival Dog Rescuing hypocrites… THESE ARE JUST FROM THE LAST FEW WEEKS.

“It Should Be About Saving Dogs, Not Attacking Someone. Why Aren’t We Working Together?”

After Marc Ching gets caught in another lie or gets caught enriching the dog meat slaughterhouses by buying dogs. Marc Ching and his cult start their “We are outraged” Hypocrisy trolling.

After they are done cursing out and threatening any person who dared insult their Dear Leader. Marc Ching and his Cult followers usually finish with “We should all be working together not fighting… After all, It’s supposed to be about saving dogs”.

  • After rescuing, (Not Buying) 650 dogs from the Dog Meat Trade  “No Dogs Left Behind” (NDLB) sent out an urgent plea for donations. Marc Ching, AHWF and their Cult followers led by Karen Gifford trolled anyone who shared or supported NDLB efforts.
  • They even went so low as to attack a person who wrote: “just donated to NDLB”.
  • Please Note: While Marc Ching personally did not get involved, as usual, he sat back and watched his cult and their social media leaders attack NDLB. A simple message such as “Stop attacking Beri and NDLB. They are trying to save 650 innocent animals” would have ended the harassment of innocent posters.

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Marc Ching troll leader Karen Gifford attacks HSI for exaggerating their Press Release Headlines

Karen Gifford attacked the Humane Society International (HSI) and Peter Li for their over-exaggerated Press Release headline.

BREAKING: Dog meat sales banned at China’s Yulin festival in milestone victory to end brutal mass slaughter of dogs

We actually agreed that the headline was over the top, but the story itself was on point and was very factual.

  • The press release clearly stated that the ban was for one week starting June 15th.
  • It also stated that the ban would not apply to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival starting June 21st.
  • Also, they stated the ban only applied to dogs and not cats. Even if you believed the headline and thought the dog meat ban was true. The Yulin Festival would still have slaughtered thousands of cats.

Gifford stated that because HSI and Peter Li headline was absolute BS. Volunteers were not coming to help with the rescue effort. Alos, the media outlets believing the ban was real, never bothered to send crews to cover the Yulin Festival.

Marc Ching took it even further when he claimed he was the lone dog rescuer in Yulin. He blamed it all on HSI and Peter Li giving the wrong impression with their lying press release. He also claimed they did it because of donations.

Where the Hypocrisy comes into play is when Karen Gifford and Marc Ching completely ignored Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness doing the same exact thing.

In January 2017 Marc Ching wrote and then issued this AHWF over-exaggerated, over the top press release.

History-Making Animal Activist Marc Ching Makes Unprecedented Deal With One of South Korea’s Largest and Oldest Dog Meat Markets to Close Local Slaughterhouses

Marc Ching wrote this press release calling himself History Making Animal Activist so this proves he is indeed a narcissist.

In 2018 South Korea will be hosting the Winter Olympics. For this reason, Marc Ching made an effort to grab anything that he could and turn into a press release.

Since the Olympics is and will be big news many people fighting the dog meat trade have also focused on South Korea.

Karen Gifford somehow was able to easily see the exaggeration in the HSI press release and the harm it could cause. But was somehow blinded to the same exact ‘over exaggerations’ when it came to Marc Ching’s press release?

Not only did Karen Gifford NOT criticize Marc Ching for his lying Press Release. Gifford lavishly praised Marc Ching for his honesty, brilliance, and courage in getting the Gupo market to close down.

FACT: As of July 2017, how many Gupo Slaughterhouses has the history making animal activist Marc Ching closed? ZERO! 

“We Are The Only Dog Rescuers at The 2017 Yulin Dog Meat Festival”

Yes, you read that quote correctly. Marc Ching claimed he and Suki Su were the only ones rescuing dogs in Yulin.

His cult started spewing their undying love and praise upon their dear leader and cursing Peter Li and HSI.

They even expanded their nastiness to now include Andrea Gung founder of the Duo Duo Project.

The cult claimed that she and Duo Duo were secretly working with HSI because they didn’t want the Yulin Festival closed because then they would lose donations.

Of course, Marc Ching lied because weeks before Marc Ching even stepped foot in China “No To Dog Meat (NTDM)” were already posting from Yulin of their efforts to help save the innocent dogs from the Yulin Slaughterhouses.

In Fact, Three weeks before the Yulin Festival was to start, and while Marc Ching was busy planning the “Biggest Worldwide Yulin Protest Ever” which was attended by about 100 people worldwide.

Julia de Cadenet founder of NTDM was asking EndYulin2017 to write a story about NTDM witnessing hundreds of Dogs and Cats already being trucked into Yulin weeks before the festival was to start.

While there were also other international organizations there as well. Just days after his “Me and Suki are the only ones saving dogs” BS.  Local Chinese Animal Activist made Marc Ching out to be the liar he is.

After claiming he and Suki were the only ones rescuing dogs” local Chinese Animal Activist organizations intercepted a truck, rescuing (Not Buying) 1200 dogs and cats from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.


Rescue Organizations stealing donations from Yulin rescues they had nothing to do with.

Marc Ching and his cult blistered not only HSI and Duo Duo but now they included Soi Dog as well.

Soi Dog started by Gill and John Dalley is one of the most respected dog rescue organizations in the world.

But Marc Ching, AHWF, and  Karen Gifford allowed James Tsai to write. ‘I know for a fact that Dalley has been skimming millions of dollars in donations and depositing it in their personal bank account’

Gill Dalley the driving force behind Soi Dog lost both her legs unselfishly rescuing a dog. Unfortunately, Gill has recently passed away but her courage, ethics, and commitment to saving these innocent dogs will never die.

For Marc Ching and his cult to even attempt to smear the good names of Gill and John’s and their organization is beyond reprehensible.

His followers will claim Marc Ching didn’t write this comment. That excuse won’t work since neither Marc Ching Nor AHWF demanded its removal. That vile comment remained on Kathy Gifford Facebook page for weeks and may even still be there.

BTW Gifford later posted a comment on this post, so she can’t claim she missed it since Tsai was the first comment posted.

How quickly the cult seems to forget their “Stealing Donations” charges, when Marc Ching and Animal Hope and Wellness started collecting donations for a 1200 dog rescue, pulled off by these local Chinese activists.

Marc Ching, Suki Su, and AHWF had nothing to do with this rescue. In fact, he was nowhere near the rescue when it took place.

One moronic member tried to say that Marc Ching was part of the rescue. He tried to claim that since Marc Ching is followed by the police he was acting like a decoy and leading them away from the rescue.

You needn’t look any further than the fact that the animal activists and the police had a 10-hour standoff to know this person is an idiot and a liar.

In the story we originally had written we merely listed what the group was asking for in materials that they needed, and where to mail these items. This rescue group clearly stated: Urgent need for material:.NO CASH DONATIONS PLEASE

  • Within moments of the rescue’s announcement, Marc Ching started posting on Animal Hope and Wellness “What a great rescue! 1200 dogs and cats saved… Send us your PayPal donation to Animal Hope and Wellness and we will then send it to this rescue group.
  • Of course, Marc Ching and AHWF stated that the donor needed to write “Rescue 1200″ or ‘Yulin 1200” in the comment section so AHWF would be able to tell which donations were for the Chinese activist and which donations were for AHWF’s.
  • In our story, we pointed out that instead of setting up a separate donation account. Marc Ching did it this way knowing some people would forget to write “Yulin 1200” in the comment section. Which AHWF would then declare “It’s our donation”.

An hour after forwarding the link to our story to this group.  They told Marc Ching to remove his link to their site and told AHWF “Do Not Raise Money For Us”.

Read our story: Day 5 Marc Ching Scams Donations From Yulin Rescue?

Almost a month has passed since Marc Ching started this scam. But to this day AHWF and the cult are still asking for “Yulin 1200” donations. But not surprising to us, they no longer say the money will be going to those who rescued the 1200 dogs.

There Is No Media Because HSI and Duo Duo lied about the Yulin dog meat ban

Marc Ching whined that because HSI and the Duo Duo Project announced the one-week Yulin dog meat ban it has caused the media not to report on the 2017 Yulin festival.

Almost immediately the Marc Ching cult started trolling HSI and Duo Duo. Some of their members went so far as to label HSI “Murderers” and Duo Duo as Mother F****** Donation thieves.

But like all good hypocrites, they never let actual facts get in the way of their outrage.

  • On May 26th Marc Ching wrote. “There is no ban on dog meat sales during the festival as some animal rights groups have claimed.”
  • On May 27th Marc Ching said this in an interview conducted by his activist partners “I Stand With My Pack” (ISWMP) “Animal Hope and Wellness and I Stand With My Pack is encouraged by allegations that the Chinese government has agreed to “prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat” at the 9th Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, occurring on June 21, 2017.”

Please Note:

  • Marc Ching never mentions the Yulin Dog Meat ban was in fact, just a one-week ban.
  • Marc Ching claimed the ban was for the whole festival starting on June 21st.
  • Marc Ching in the whole press release never speaks out against HSI or Duo Duo for their lies.
  • Marc Ching never says HSI and Duo Duo only cares about donations.

Read our story: Yulin Festival Dog Meat Ban Revisionist History


The latest Hypocrisy.

On July 6th a large dog and cat rescue took place. Of course, AHWF tried to take 99% of the credit.

Marc Ching has stated that unless you were actually involved with the rescue or have the animals then you have no right to ask for donations.

Of Course, Marc Ching being so honest and caring, even being labeled a saint by his cult would never do such a thing? Right?

AHWF had basically done nothing in this rescue effort. They had none of the animals but amazingly as soon as the rescue Marc Ching had nothing to do with was announced, tweets and Facebook posts like this one started popping up every where.

Marc Ching credit

After Marc Ching started stealing donations in his Yulin 1200 scam, he stated “We need to support and Promote these wonderful Chinese grass root rescue operations.

Funny how Karen Gifford promoted them by adding (with help of course). In fact, Marc Ching, Suki Su and AHWF never mention who the rescuers are.

So despite what Marc Ching, AHWF, and the cult cried about how awful it is for organizations to try to steal someone else’s donations and publicity… They are more than happy to ask for donations on a rescue they had little to do with.

In fact, in an attempt to cover their asses for their donation grabbing lie, they tried to buy some of the dogs from the rescue organization. Luckily the Chinese activist had ethics because they would not sell any of the animals to a liar like Suki Su.

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Marc Ching knew he would make more in donations from the news and fantasy press release than it would cost AHWF to buy the dogs.

Now you would think this was the big hypocrisy I was writing about… But you would be wrong!

The Real Marc Ching and AHWF Hypocrisy

Last year Marc Ching claimed to have rescued one-thousand dogs from Yulin.

Marc Ching actually admits that he actually bought them but, He even claimed he closed down 6 slaughterhouses when we proved he paid one slaughterhouse to close down for a few hours.



The One Fact That Is Not In Dispute

Since we started exposing Marc Ching the one fact that was crystal clear was hundreds of dogs out of the thousand Marc Ching had bought in Yulin, died horrendously.

Marc Ching claims to have documented every single detail of his 2016 Yulin rescue. Setting aside the financial records, the number of dogs that died have never been proven.

To date, every time Marc Ching tries to write out his so-called ‘very detailed record’ of this rescue the numbers change.

In fact, in the two Facebook posts where he tried to explain using real numbers, in both cases, the number of dogs “Saved” never comes close to adding up to 1,000.

Also, the number of dogs that he claims died changes from post-t0-post and story-to-story.  According to Marc Ching own posts, he states the number of dogs that died was 600, then 500, then 333, then 250 then 200 and back to 250.

According to Marc Ching own posts and stories, he states the number of dogs that died was 600, then 500, then 333, then 250 then 200 and back to 250.

We Demand Accountability!

I hate to imagine how many times I had written that sentence only to receive another death threat as a reply.

Recently NDLB and the groups that were actually involved in the July 6th Dog and Cat rescue posted a letter condemning international animal rescues trying to take credit for their rescue.

In the letter, they exposed these groups (AHWF) trying to pilfer donations and seek publicity from a rescue they had nothing to do with.

Ater this letter went viral throughout China and the world, Marc Ching, AHWF and Ching’s cult went into trolling overdrive.

After adjusting and tightening their tin hats Marc Ching’s cult claim that the numbers of animals the rescue saved are wrong. As proof, they point to a video that clearly shows Suki Su counting crates. Using their own number of animals per crate they claim the group is lying.

So now Marc Ching, Animal Hope and Wellness and Marc Ching’s cult followers are a transparent, detailed accounting of their 7.06 rescue. They also demand to know the exact number of animals saved and how many survived….

They also demand to know the exact number of animals rescued originally and how many survived….

You can’t get any more hypocritical than that.

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Yulin Festival Dog and Cat Rescuing Hypocrites
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Yulin Festival Dog and Cat Rescuing Hypocrites
Just when you thought you witnessed all the hypocrisy Marc Ching and his followers could muster... They become even bigger Hypocrites
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